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Yoga philosophy recognizes the interconnectedness of everyone and everything on earth. As a yoga products company, we feel it is important to do business in a way that is compatible with yogic ideals. As sustainable materials have become more accessible and functional over the years, we have consistently researched and implemented sustainable policies, not only in our products, but in our packing materials.

We use recycled materials for packaging, participate in waste recycling programs, and participate in environmentally friendly energy programs. Many of our products are manufactured in our Salt Lake facility where we can control quality and utilize environmentally friendly techniques, such as hand craftsmanship, which is non-polluting and consumes minimal amounts of electricity.

We avoid the use of toxic chemicals, paints or glues in our manufacturing and assembly processes. As an example, our wood blocks are assembled individually and finished by hand rubbing with bees wax.

We recently completely changed our packaging so that we’re using 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We’ve eliminated the use of shrink wrap on all products except our blocks, because they are vulnerable to damage without it. We use recycled paper and vegetable dyes for our catalogs and other marketing materials.

Here’s a current list of our environmentally friendly products:

Sattva Jute Mat:  Jute/PER (polyolefin elastomer resin)
Earth Elements:  Biodegradable, non-toxic TPE (thermal plastic elastomer)
Tapas Eco Mat:  50/50 blend of plant-based and petroleum-based PVC
Natural Rubber Mat:  Natural rubber
Recycled Rubber Mat:  Recycled rubber

Recycled Plaid Blankets:  Recycled fiber
Recycled Sweater Knit Throw:  75/25 Recycled cotton and acrylic fibers
Eco Wool Blankets:  Undyed, chemical-free wool blankets

Cork blocks:  Sustainable cork
Bamboo blocks:  Bamboo
Recycled foam blocks:  Recycled agricultural plastic
Wood blocks:  Baltic birch
Foam blocks:  EVA foam

Hemp strap:  Organic hemp

Bolsters and pranayama pillows:
Organic fabric options in all styles
Zafu, V-Shaped Cushion:  Organic buckwheat hull filling

Strappy OM Top:  Organic cotton/lycra
All Samtosa tops:  Organic cotton/bamboo blend
All Stonewear clothing:  Organic cotton/lycra blend
Peaceful T:  Organic cotton
Banded pants and capris:  Organic cotton/lycra
Organic bamboo T:  Organic bamboo
All Verve pants, knickers and shorts:  Organic cotton/lycra
Balance and Endurance T’s:  Organic cotton/lycra

None of our mats, including all our PVC products, have ever contained heavy metals or phthalates.

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