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Your Path

posted by Crystal Griffiths on February 16, 2012 |

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Trust Your Path

Don’t abandon your path when you face difficulty. That’s not what it’s about. The people who live the life of their dreams stay with their problems. They do not run from them.

your path

Trust Your Path

The nature of this world, or life, is change. Nothing lasts forever. Train yourself to be still, cool, calm and collected when things don’t go well.

Sometimes the world is trying to get our attention by putting roadblocks up. If you are running into roadblocks, stop, get still and ask yourself if you are really going the right way.

The right doors are always open. The wrong doors will never be open. Use your intuition to feel the difference. Move forward with positive emotion. Stay with problems. Choose what feels good, not what seems easy. In the long run the hard path is the easy path.

Post By Crystal Griffiths (23 Posts)

Crystal Griffiths has been the Marketing Director for Hugger Mugger Yoga Products since 2007, she is currently going to Salt Lake Community College for her Marketing Management Degree. Her personal blog is “I live life by balancing what I want with an honest appreciation for what I already have. Living outside the realm of what's normally considered acceptable or appropriate”................

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