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category "Exercise"

Yoga is a term for a range of traditional systems of physical exercise and meditation in Hinduism. Modified versions of the physical exercises in hatha yoga have become popular as a kind of low-impact physical exercise, and are used for therapeutic purposes. “Yoga” in this sense, refers to the physical exercises, i.e. the asanas or postures. Aspects of meditation are sometimes also included.

The Yoga of Walking

posted by Charlotte Bell on July 23, 2014 |

yoga of walkingJust Walk – The Yoga of Walking I’ve always loved walking. Even back in the 1960s, when most people considered going out for a drive to be a leisurely Sunday activity, my father took us out on walks. Unlike most kids in our neighborhood, my sisters and I walked the mile to school, rain or shine (but not uphill both ways …). As a family, we spent summer evenings walking

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Asanas for Snow: Yoga for Skiing

posted by Sarah on December 3, 2013 |

yoga for skiingYoga for Skiing As the days get shorter most skiers start daydreaming about the sparkling white wonderland and the bounding, weightless dance with gravity that awaits. Skiing or riding down the side of a mountain thrills the senses and nourishes the soul but can take a heavy toll on the body. Engaging gravity and speed standing on your feet requires quick reflexes, balance, and power and often leave muscles tight

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Want to Run 100 Miles? Yoga Can Help

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 22, 2011 |

Endurance RunningYoga, Meditation and Vegan Diet Keep Scott Jurek on Top It is a rare person indeed that would consider spending the better part of 24 hours running non-stop on grueling, high-altitude trails. Even more rare is the one who would do this many times each year, consistently coming in first and obliterating course records all the while. This takes not only extraordinary talent and a healthy heart, but also the

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Heidi (“Almighty”) Wirtz on Climbing and Yoga

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 14, 2011 |

yoga climbingWhat do rock climbing and Yoga have in common? Well, just about everything. According to Heidi Wirtz, a professional climber and yogi, both climbing and Yoga both improve coordination, dexterity, range of movement, balance; and both build and tone muscles, core strength, and mental and physical focus. The only difference is that climbing takes place in the vertical world, while Yoga inhabits the horizontal plane. Wirtz—dubbed “Heidi Almighty” by fellow

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Yoga and Running: Perfect Cross Training

posted by Crystal Griffiths on November 2, 2011 |

yoga cross trainingFor November, we’re focusing on the benefits of Yoga practice for people who love other forms of physical activity. Look for upcoming articles on Yoga and climbing, Yoga and skiing, and Yoga and dance. This may sound crazy, but Yoga and running have a lot in common. They both require practice, agility, flexibility, patience and your own breathing method. Runners who take up Yoga often begin to love running even

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