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Hatha Yoga combines both asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breath awareness). Read about the techniques and benefits of pranayama here.
  • Getting in Touch with Your Body: It’s More than Sunshine & Rainbows

    How Nadi Shodhana Taught Me to Listen

    Don’t you hate it when people talk about something that seems like a metaphor but you’re not sure if it is? Like listening to your body? Or trusting your gut?

    I sure do.

    When I was starting my yoga practice in the late ’90s, I had no idea that the instruction to “listen to your body” was an actual thing. I thought it was a lovely metaphor, something that yoga teacher types liked to say because it s…continue reading

  • Three Months of Pranayama Practice: On Flexibility

    Back in January, I wrote a post about my resolution to practice pranayama every day this year. As my third month comes to an end, I’m reflecting on the practice so far. Here’s what I’ve learned—or more accurately, relearned:

    Flexibility is a positive: In late January after I wrote my first post I succumbed to what was likely a tenacious case of the flu. After three flu-free years, this bug was determined to make an impression. I had all th…continue reading

  • Nadi Shodhana: Purifying the Subtle Body

    Nadi Shodhana in Arches National Park

    February was awarded month-hood relatively late in the game. Along with January, it was the last to be added to the Roman calendar in 713 BC. The addition of these two served to define the no-man’s-land of winter that Romans had traditionally considered a monthless period. February originally took its place as the last month of the year, where it remained for almost 300 years. As such, it seemed a perfect t…continue reading

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