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Yoga Practice

When it comes down to it, yoga is all about practice—the day-to-day experience that eventually makes yoga our own. Here are tips, musings and commentary on the practice we all love!
  • Bringing Your Yoga Home: Tips for Developing a Home Yoga Practice

    Tips for Developing a Home Yoga Practice

    Yoga class is great, isn’t it? It relaxes you, invigorates you, and grounds you. It helps you recoup after a busy day or sets the tone for the day ahead. But what about those days where you can’t make it to a yoga class? What then?

    One if the most common things I hear from my yoga students is that they don’t know how to practice yoga on their own. They feel insecure or at a loss of what to do once they…continue reading

  • Yoga Practice: 7 Ways to Counter the Effects of Sitting

    How Yoga Practice Can Bring Balance to Our Sedentary Lives

    Some say that sitting is the new smoking. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to make this claim, but as a person with a part-time job that requires sitting at a desk and typing out blogs, I certainly support the idea that prolonged sitting seems to be less than ideal.

    Effects include foggy brain due to poor circulation, weakened abdominal and gluteal muscles, neck problems fro…continue reading

  • My Yoga Mat

    My Yoga Mat

    The mat that I carry to my yoga class each week is falling apart.

    It was my wife’s mat originally. She bought it when she started taking classes, and then found a thicker, sturdier mat when she became serious about yoga.

    Using her old mat, I feel close to her when I practice, even if she’s not beside me.

    I take it to class even though it’s pale purple, the color of lilacs, because it’s lighter and smaller than the mat that I use f…continue reading

  • Mindful Eating, a Habit to Savor

    How Mindful Eating Can Change the Way You Enjoy Your Food

    On every silent Insight Meditation retreat I’ve attended—at The Last Resort in Southern Utah, or at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California—meals have always been always been the most reliable source of daily pleasure. This is partially due to the expertise and caring of the people who plan and prepare the meals, which are always wholesome, flavorful and prepared with lo…continue reading

  • Fire Log Pose: Ignite Your Inner Fire

    Agnistambhasana: Fire Log Pose

    Fire transforms—wood into ashes, ice into water and then into steam, raw ingredients into a warming meal. In the Vedas of ancient India, fire was personified by the two-headed fire god Agni. Stemming from the same root as the Latin ignire (to ignite), Agni was the force behind heat, light and will power. According to the Vedas, Agni fueled the sun, the stars and lightning.

    In Ayurveda, Agni is the word for digestive…continue reading

  • Yogic Help for Headaches

    Yogic Help for Headaches

    Some of us suffer from minor headaches occasionally and we don’t always have or want to take something. This article is for you.

    Sometimes we know what’s caused our headache—fumes from the engine my son started in the garage, bright sunlight, someone close by wearing too much perfume—yet many times we do not.

    If you get consistent headaches, you might look at your diet, hormonal cycle, stress level, the amount you sl…continue reading

  • Yoga for the Bendy — It’s Not What You Think

    Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
    Yoga for the Bendy — Learning to Back Off

    My earliest recollection of being an über-bendy person is from when I took ballet lessons. I was about eight years old. The first time we went into side splits and bent forward, I was surprised to see that no one else in the class could rest her chin on the floor. My body could do it easily, with no resistance.

    That led to many years of exploiting my hypermobility in exchange for …continue reading

  • Let Your Bare Feet Shine in Yoga

    Ahhh … The Joys of Bare Feet in Yoga

    Let’s face it. I’m not a big fan of bare feet. (Not mine, anyway.)

    Until I stepped onto the mat, I didn’t pay much attention to them.

    If you want to know the truth, I found my feet embarrassing.

    They were too small.

    Too pale.

    Too smelly.

    The nails on both big toes were discolored.

    And the little toes on each foot hung off to the side like little rolls of unused dough that I could barely move.

    To cover my embarr…continue reading

  • Supta Baddhakonasana: Your Holiday Season Go-To Pose

    Supta Baddhakonasana Can Ease Stress—and Holiday-Induced Indigestion

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve barely had time to breathe in the past few weeks. Between holiday rehearsals and performances—Amahl and the Night Visitors and The Messiah—and the usual holiday preparations and parties I’ve barely been at home other than to sleep. Not to mention the time and energy I’ve spent shoveling the plentiful famous Utah powder that’s been …continue reading

  • Got Text Claw? Asana for Your Hands

    Hand Stretches to Alleviate Text Claw and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries

    A few weeks ago I wrote about Text Neck, neck pain that develops as a result of looking down at our tech devices. Less known and talked about, but likely just as common, is Text Claw: pain in the hands, wrists and forearms that comes from plinking out texts and surfing the web on your smart phone.

    When we punch numbers and letters into our phones, we have to curl our fingers…continue reading

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