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category "Yoga Practice"

When it comes down to it, yoga is all about practice—the day-to-day experience that eventually makes yoga our own. Here are tips, musings and commentary on the practice we all love!

Acceptance: Finding Contentment in Your Yoga Practice

posted by Bruce Black on December 1, 2015 |

acceptanceAcceptance: The Yogic  Practice of Contentment I’ve noticed a change in the way that I approach poses—especially difficult poses—since I first stepped on the mat. At first, I would watch in awe as our teacher demonstrated a pose—the Eagle, say, or Dancer—and couldn’t imagine myself stepping into the pose at all. If it was a pose that required balance, I doubted that I’d ever find the balance to hold the

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Winter Yoga: 6 Ways to Prepare for Cold Weather

posted by Jacqueline Morasco on November 18, 2015 |

winter yogaWinter Yoga: 6 Ways to Prepare for the Change of Seasons As fall turns to winter, it’s time to focus on nourishing our bodies and minds. Fall is the time when we prepare for winter hibernation, and for the cool, crisp and dry weather. We can tomatoes, put away hoses, repair the roof, tone muscles, and cleanse our bodies inside and out. Below are five easy practices to prepare your

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Got Text Neck? Yoga Can Help

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 12, 2015 |

yoga-for-text-neckStemming the Latest Epidemic: Yoga for Text Neck We’ve all seen it. Chances are if you have a smartphone you’ve done it, maybe a whole lot. That is, you bend your head forward to text, surf, shop, socialize, whatever, on your smartphone. Other than the possibility of running into things while you simultaneously walk and stare at your phone, or the possibility of causing a car accident, it doesn’t seem

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4 Ways to Cultivate a Meditation Practice

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 5, 2015 |

meditation practice4 Tips for Committing to Meditation Practice Meditation ain’t easy. It’s arguable that it’s a whole lot harder than yoga asana practice. When you’re practicing asana, your mind has plenty of sensations to occupy itself. When you sit, sensations are more subtle. It’s hard work to zero in on what’s actually going on moment to moment when it at least appears that there’s not a whole lot happening. People often

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Yogic Freedom: The Space to Be

posted by Bruce Black on October 27, 2015 |

yogic freedomYogic Freedom: The Space to Be It doesn’t matter if we are single or married, if we’ve just found romance or just lost it, if we prefer being alone or if we’re addicted to groups, each of us needs a space to be ourselves. In this space we can find freedom from expectations, whether our own expectations or those that other people might place on our shoulders. In this space we

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How Do You Find a Yoga Mentor?

posted by Charlotte Bell on October 13, 2015 |

yoga mentorWhat is a Yoga Mentor? A few weeks ago I got to revisit the retreat center that became my spiritual home in 1986. I don’t remember how many retreats I’ve attended there, but I do remember there were some 10-day, a 21-day and four 30-day silent retreats. In addition I’ve sat a five-day and at least three seven-day retreats. I’ve also spent up to a dozen weekends there in retreat.

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Just Sitting

posted by Bruce Black on September 23, 2015 |

just sittingJust Sitting Our lives are so busy, so rushed. Sometimes it’s hard to find a moment to sit still. It’s one of the reasons that I love yoga. The moment I unroll my mat and sit down, the strains of my day seem to melt away. (Writing in my journal provides the same sanctuary from the daily rush of life.) But sometimes just sitting isn’t easy. Even though I’ve set

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Why Practice Yoga and Mindfulness?

posted by Charlotte Bell on September 8, 2015 |

mindfulnessWhat Does Mindfulness Have to Do with Anything? Patricia has been coming to my yoga classes for more than 15 years. Last week while we were in the midst of practicing a quadriceps stretch at the wall she said, “I have to say how much I appreciate the work we do in this class.” Patricia and her husband had spent the previous week hiking in Glacier National Park. They met

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Bound Angle Pose: Support Your Spine with a Yoga Strap

posted by Charlotte Bell on September 3, 2015 |

yoga strapBound Angle Pose: Use a Yoga Strap to Support Healthy Sitting I was first introduced to poses associated with yoga in grade school, when my sisters and I took ballet lessons. I remember practicing Baddha Konasana—called “Butterfly” in girls’ ballet classes—every day. With ballet’s emphasis on turnout, Butterfly is one of its important warm-up exercises. Practicing Baddha Konasana requires and develops outward rotation of the hip joints—that is, if the

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How to Relieve Knee Pain with Yoga Blocks

posted by Charlotte Bell on August 27, 2015 |

yoga blockYoga Blocks Alleviate Knee Discomfort Having spent most of my yoga teaching life in Utah, the place that touts the “greatest snow on Earth,” I’ve hosted a lot of dedicated skiers in my classes with various knee issues. Movement restrictions tend to fall into two camps: those whose knees don’t flex very far and those whose knees feel painful when the knees are flexed and the thighbones are externally rotated

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