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category "Yoga Products"

Yoga products is a category that lists all of the discussions that surround the use of various types of products in all different kinds of yoga practices. Yoga products can be as familiar as mats or as exotic as bolsters and pillows and other forms of accessories.

Yoga Bolster Love: Enjoy the Ultimate Savasana

posted by Charlotte Bell on December 10, 2015 |

yoga bolsterWhat’s Better Than a Yoga Bolster in Savasana? How About Two? There’s nothing easier than lying down on the floor for Savasana, right? In many cases, the answer is yes. But in some ways, Savasana demands more of us than yoga’s more active asanas. Other asanas can create a fair amount of sensation, making it easy for our minds to focus on the moment. Savasana, on the other hand, with

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4 Ways to Cultivate a Meditation Practice

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 5, 2015 |

meditation practice4 Tips for Committing to Meditation Practice Meditation ain’t easy. It’s arguable that it’s a whole lot harder than yoga asana practice. When you’re practicing asana, your mind has plenty of sensations to occupy itself. When you sit, sensations are more subtle. It’s hard work to zero in on what’s actually going on moment to moment when it at least appears that there’s not a whole lot happening. People often

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Yoga Blocks for Chaturanga Support

posted by Charlotte Bell on October 30, 2015 |

yoga blocksYoga Blocks for Your Chaturanga Shoulders Chaturanga Dandasana is a pose that elicits strong feelings—from happiness to anxiety and everything in between. Even though we often see the Chaturanga as a shoulder strengthener, every part of your body really needs to participate. Shoulder strain, even tendon tears can come relying too much on arm and shoulder strength to do the pose. Unhealthy alignment can also cause chronic shoulder strain. Practicing

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Use Yoga Blocks in Intense Side Stretch

posted by Charlotte Bell on October 22, 2015 |

yoga blocksUse Yoga Blocks for Extra Length and Ease Parsvottanasana, aka Intense Side Stretch, stretches your hamstrings as it lengthens your spine. It stabilizes and challenges your balancing abilities and energizes your legs. However, sometimes the relationship between the hamstrings and back needs to be brought into balance. For most of us, moving too far forward in the pose will cause the back to round and the front torso to contract.

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Shore Up Your Bridge Pose with a Yoga Block

posted by Charlotte Bell on October 15, 2015 |

yoga blockRestorative Bridge Pose with a Yoga Block Setubandhasana (Bridge Pose) is an all-around beneficial pose for counteracting the most prevalent poses we practice in our daily lives. You know the ones: hunching over a desk or a steering wheel, slouching in comfy chairs. Most of what we do every day involves flexing our hip joints and leaning forward, which shortens the front body and weakens the back body. When practiced

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Yoga Blocks 3 Ways

posted by Charlotte Bell on October 8, 2015 |

Dog Pose with 2 Recycled Yoga Blocks3 Great Ways to Use Yoga Blocks Yoga Blocks are one of the most essential tools in yoga practice. They give support, keep our joints aligned and allow us to breathe freely. Yoga Blocks were originally developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, who was well known for his insistence on alignment integrity. The three dimensions of standard-sized Yoga Blocks (4″ x 6″ x 9″) were determined by Mr. Iyengar to offer the

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How to Choose the Best Yoga Blocks for Your Practice

posted by Charlotte Bell on October 1, 2015 |

yoga blocksChoose the Yoga Blocks that Fit Your Yoga Practice The first time I used Yoga Blocks 30-some years ago I can’t say I loved the experience. The blocks were very heavy—solid pine—and had sharp edges that dug into my skin. They were also very slippery. The chances of dropping them on toes—and causing significant damage—were high. Plus my ego resisted using something I thought of back then as a crutch.

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Yoga Strap: Open Your Shoulders in Gomukhasana

posted by Charlotte Bell on September 17, 2015 |

yoga strapUse a Yoga Strap for a Great Shoulder Opening Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) is a staple in my morning yoga classes. Years ago, several of my students made up unflattering names for it—Cow Pie, Mad Cow, etc.—because it was so challenging for them. Now those same Cow Face naysayers have turned into Cow Face converts, even sometimes giving up a bit of their Savasana to do it if I don’t

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Bound Angle Pose: Support Your Spine with a Yoga Strap

posted by Charlotte Bell on September 3, 2015 |

yoga strapBound Angle Pose: Use a Yoga Strap to Support Healthy Sitting I was first introduced to poses associated with yoga in grade school, when my sisters and I took ballet lessons. I remember practicing Baddha Konasana—called “Butterfly” in girls’ ballet classes—every day. With ballet’s emphasis on turnout, Butterfly is one of its important warm-up exercises. Practicing Baddha Konasana requires and develops outward rotation of the hip joints—that is, if the

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How to Relieve Knee Pain with Yoga Blocks

posted by Charlotte Bell on August 27, 2015 |

yoga blockYoga Blocks Alleviate Knee Discomfort Having spent most of my yoga teaching life in Utah, the place that touts the “greatest snow on Earth,” I’ve hosted a lot of dedicated skiers in my classes with various knee issues. Movement restrictions tend to fall into two camps: those whose knees don’t flex very far and those whose knees feel painful when the knees are flexed and the thighbones are externally rotated

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