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  • Meatless Monday: Kale Salad #3

    Meatless Monday: Kale Salad with Miso-Roasted Tofu
    As my backyard kale started to proliferate a few months ago, I posted a couple of kale salad recipes (here’s one and here’s the other). Even later in the season, I find that my fresh-picked, homegrown kale is much more tender than what I find at the store. Kale salads are a great way to use tender leaves, and this particular salad, that I made just a few days ago, adds substantial protein to the mix.

    This salad is very simple. Except for the tofu and cheese, the ingredients are things I always have on...

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  • Sankalpa: Setting Your Intention

    Sankalpa: Setting Your Intention
    “Our intention creates our reality.” Wayne Dyer

    Until I took a yoga class, I’d never heard anyone talk about “setting an intention.”

    Years ago my father encouraged me to set goals, make outlines, form plans, but he never spoke about setting an intention.

    What did my yoga teacher mean, I wondered, when he spoke about setting an intention? What exactly was an intention—was it the same as a goal or something different?—and how did one go about setting it?

    In English, the word “intention” is defined as “a course of action that one intends to follow, an aim that guides action...

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  • Meatless Monday: Picnic Potato Salad

    Meatless Monday: Picnic Potato Salad with Marjoram and Pickled Onions
    Independence Day weekend may have just come and gone, but it is clearly not the end of potluck barbecue season. A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for tempeh skewers that lets vegetarians and vegans join the barbecue. Today I’m sharing a vegan version of another barbecue staple: potato salad.

    When I was a kid, I loved German potato salad. Although I was never a fan of the requisite bacon that was always peppered throughout, I loved the deep, vinegary flavor so much more than that of creamy mayo-based potato salads...

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  • Lightweight Sukasana Pillows Travel Easy

    Use a Sukasana Pillow for Ease in “Easy Pose”
    In some ways you could call sitting meditation the ultimate vacation. When you make the effort to step away from your mind’s usual drama even for a few minutes, you can feel refreshed, energized and peaceful. So it’s ironic that when we go on vacation—unless we’re going on a yoga or meditation retreat—we often leave our practice behind.

    Part of the reason could be that most meditation cushions are bulky and heavy, which is great for home practice, but not so easy when baggage space is limited. That’s why Hugger Mugger designed the...

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  • Yoga Straps: Forward Bend with Ease

    Use a Yoga Strap to Maintain a Healthy Spine in Seated Forward Bend
    Even if you’re flexible, it’s not that easy to maintain your spine’s natural curves when you sit in Dandasana (Seated Pose). As with every pose, there are as many variations as to how Seated Pose will look as there are people. Dandasana, despite the fact that it looks simple, is challenging for almost everyone. At least, it’s challenging for almost everyone to practice it in a way that supports a healthy spine.

    This is because it’s not actually natural to sit with your legs straight in front of you...

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  • A Meditation for Abundance

    The Goddess Lakshmi

    A Meditation for Abundance
    Often people ask me how they can create more abundance in their lives. My experience is that the Universe answers our requests so it’s important to be very specific about what we want an abundance of in our lives.

    After doing some asana (maybe some sun salutations) and pranayama, take a seat, make sure you sit in a comfortable fashion where your spine is upright and you’re not likely to slouch. Set your intention or sankalpa. Commit to the practice and decide what your focus of abundance and generosity is. I recommend...

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  • Meatless Monday: BBQed Veggie Skewers

    Meatless Monday: Join the Barbecue with Tasty Skewers
    In the decades since I stopped eating meat, people have often asked whether I miss eating hamburgers on the grill. I don’t. I actually don’t care for the smell of barbecued burgers, but I do like the taste of grilled foods.

    Barbecues and potluck picnics abound in the summer. Vegetarians can always partake of the meatless sides at an outdoor barbecue, but why not participate in the main event? You can always bring a ready-made or homemade veggie burger, but making skewers (aka kebabs) is easy and fun, and there’s lots of room for...

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  • Supta Padangusthasana: Sustainable Stretching

    Supta Padangusthasana: Sustainable Stretching
    There are many reasons people decide to start practicing yoga. For me, it was simple curiosity, at least at first. Many of my students come to yoga to bring some calm to their lives. Some want to increase flexibility. A healthy percentage of my students originally came to practice hoping to resolve a physical issue, especially back pain. Whatever your intention, practicing yoga can indeed confer these benefits, along with other unexpected rewards.

    This month’s pose is one of my favorites for increasing mobility, helping alleviate back pain, and for helping connect students to the present. In almost...

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  • Free Your Breath with a Yoga Block

    Prasarita Padottanasana with a Big Blue Block

    Practice Prasarita Padottanasana with a Yoga Block
    Prasarita Padottanasana is one of yoga’s most balancing standing poses. Its symmetrical shape keeps your pelvis, sacroiliac joint and spine neutral and quiet, while the active rooting of your feet and legs allows your upper body to be soft and receptive. I like to settle into Prasarita in between standing poses to allow my body to ground and integrate.

    Practicing Prasarita Padottanasana confers many benefits. It strengthens and stretches the inner legs, hamstrings and spine; tones the abdominal organs; and calms the brain. It’s said...

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  • Parsvakonasana: Finding Continuity


    Parsvakonasana: Finding Continuity
    Utthita Parsvakonasana (Side Angle Pose) is a pillar among standing poses. It combines strong grounding with expansion and spinal rotation. It looks like a lateral stretch, and may even feel somewhat like one, but it’s not. In a true lateral stretch, your pelvis is not moving in the same direction as your spine (think Parighasana or Gate Latch Pose). In Side Angle Pose, your legs, pelvis, spine and head are all on a continuum. Finding that continuum is the art of the asana.

    Utthita Parsvakonasana is one of the poses that felt good for me...

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