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The Hugger Mugger Yoga Blog

  • Are You a Yoga Visionary? Think Again

    What is a Yoga Visionary Anyway?

    This morning Maya Devi Georg, a blogger on Brahmaloka or Bust and Yoganonymous, posed an interesting question on Facebook: “Why do some teachers never acknowledge their own teachers? They'll refer to themselves as ‘visionaries,’ ‘philosophers’ and ‘enlightened.’ But no mention of training, education, or the teachers that helped the along the way. What is that about?”

    A spirited discussion has en…continue reading

  • Neti Washing: Free Your Breath, Free Your Mind

    Neti Washing: Free Your Breath, Free Your Mind

    In yoga classes, we talk a whole lot about the importance of the breath. We exhort our students to breathe deeply as they move into, hold and move out of asanas. Some types of yoga, such as Ashtanga and other forms of vinyasa, instruct practitioners how and when to move with each inhalation and exhalation. It’s arguable that this coordination of breath and movement is one of the most important facto…continue reading

  • How Yoga Heals - The Girl Who Threw Up and The Woman of Light

    How Yoga Heals - The Girl Who Threw Up and the Woman of Light

    The girl who threw up all the time came to it naturally. Rejecting what rejected her, she started as a baby. As per the fashion of the time, her parents left her alone in her crib to cry it out, but she never got to the end of the crying. If she held onto the bars of the crib and cried until she threw up, they had to come hold her, at least lift her up to clean the crib and change her p…continue reading

  • Hugger Mugger Shipping Goddess Gets the Job Done

    Need a Hugger Mugger Mat ASAP? Alishia Can Do It

    Ask her anything. More specifically, ask her the weight of any of Hugger Mugger’s hundreds of products and she will tell you instantly to a fraction of an ounce. Standard Bolster? 5 pounds. Piccolo Eyebag? .2 pounds. Bamboo Yoga Towel? 1.5 pounds. Alishia DeHorney’s brain stores information like a computer.

    Alishia has headed the Hugger Mugger shipping department for almost eight years. The depar…continue reading

  • What Your Savasana Can Tell You

    What Your Savasana Can Tell You

    I’ve heard it many times, and said it many times: “Savasana is the most important pose. All the other poses we do in our asana practice prepare us for Savasana.” For most students of yoga, this is good news. For most, Savasana is a welcome respite, a chance to unwind the body and simply be. Savasana provides a window into formlessness, into universal vastness and peace, our true Self. In Savasana, the …continue reading

  • Snuggle Up with a Yoga Bolster!

    Why Our Yoga Bolsters Feel So Good …

    Meet Abraham Avelar. For more than eight years now Abraham has been Hugger Mugger’s prime bolster maker. It may seem like this would be a straightforward job, but in order to create just the right balance of inner firmness and outer softness, our yoga bolsters have to be sewn and stuffed just right. Abraham has learned the techniques well, and has invented a few himself.

    We cut, sew and stuff our bols…continue reading

  • Yoga Heals — Most of the Time

    Yoga Heals — Most of the Time

    A yoga teaching colleague recently related a story about a student at her studio who suffers from a rare neurological condition that causes tremors. Yoga, with its ability to smooth out your nervous system ought to be the perfect solution, right?

    In this case, not so much. The student’s condition had actually been worsening, causing suffering for herself, and distracting her fellow students. The fact that sh…continue reading

  • Utthita Parsvakonasana: Face the Freeze with Ease

    Utthita Parsvakonasana:  Face the Freeze with Ease

    It’s sunny and 14 degrees outside. The basement office in my 1917 bungalow is probably sub-60 degrees. I’ve been wearing layers indoors for more than a month. Every time I remember to pay attention, I find my shoulders ever-so-slightly hunched up and pulled forward, my body reflexively trying to guard against the cold.

    But here’s the thing. Hunching up and pulling in doesn’t help. It doesn…continue reading

  • Yoga Poetry - The Slant of Everything

    Yoga Poetry - The Slant of Everything

    Always just to your right, an angle at sunset

    or slashing down from the pilot light of the clouds,

    the slant of everything. Sometimes, no danger,

    just heat lightning and crickets to echo the humidity.

    Sometimes everything lifted on one sudden breeze,

    surprisingly cold as it slants through the summer

    opening between day and night. The golden west

    calls past the horizon ahead. The shimmering east

    loses its heat and stil…continue reading

  • Perfect Rest: Yoga for Insomnia

    No Insomnia Here

    It’s after 3:00 am. You’re wide awake, mind racing. You might be worried about paying your mortgage. You might be puzzling over something someone said to you and rehearsing your response. Maybe an upcoming project has you feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you are excited, on the cusp of an event you’ve long anticipated. Each minute that ticks by brings you closer to rising time. This knowledge gives you something else to worry a…continue reading

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