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  • Digestive Demons on the Loose: When You Suddenly Get Sick in the Middle of Teaching Yoga

    When Digestive Demons Spring to Life in Your Yoga Class

    I had just led the class in the opening Sun Salutations when it hit: a fast-moving stomach flu that made me almost sink to my knees. Luckily, I could, telling the students we were going to do some seated poses. I kept my eyes steady as the waves roared diagonally through my torso. While I didn’t need to rush to the bathroom yet, staying focused was more challenging than correctly adding all the numbers for this year’s taxes.

    At the same time, I soon realized I wasn’t the...

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  • Hasta Padangusthasana - Time to Fly

    Hasta Padangusthasana - Take Off!
    Last month I wrote about Garudhasana (Eagle Pose), a pose that honors Garuda, the eagle god whose 40-mile wingspan caused hurricanes and dried up the oceans whenever he took flight. Garudhasana spreads our wings (shoulderblades) and our deep hip rotators, preparing us for flight. In a sense it is a jumping-off point for the expansion that April—derived from the Latin word aperire, meaning “to open”— symbolizes. This month’s pose, Utthita Hasta Pangusthasana (Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose) expresses the unfurling of our bodies to take flight.

    Utthita Hasta Padanghustasana (utthita=extended, hasta=hand, padangusthasana=big toe...

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  • What’s Normal Range of Motion?


    And how does understanding range of motion help us in our Yoga practice?

    Have you ever wanted to get into an intermediate or advanced class and been told that you had to be able to do Lotus Pose, or do Upward Bow with straight arms? I’ve never been a fan of this type of classification, partly because it takes into consideration only one small part of a person’s Yoga experience. This type of classification not only ignores one's body/mind connection, but it also denies the reality of the wide...

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  • How Important is Daily Practice?


    How Daily Practice Can Change Your Life
    You know what they say about the chicken and egg situation, right?

    No, seriously. I don’t have an answer; I want to know what they say. I never could seem to figure out which came first.

    Which is why I’m in the quandary I’m in.
    Writing Practice
    In November, I did a 30-day practice of writing every day. My goal was just to get one blog post down per day. It didn’t have to be perfect, and I couldn’t...

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  • Spring Cleaning with Kichari

    Spring Cleaning with Kichari
    Spring is here! There’s nothing like the first time you open your windows and let fresh, spring air circulate through your house. The clean air, sunshine and new life all around us often inspires us to clear out the old and invite the new into our homes—and into our bodies too.

    There are, of course, many ways to clear out the remnants of winter. There are juice fasts, water fasts, detox fasts, detox baths, to name a few. One fast I particularly enjoy in early spring comes from Ayurveda. I like fasting for a few...

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  • Yoga Poetry

    Yoga Poetry
    You Rise Up To Meet the Falling World
    Whatever you lift to the sky, the sky covers:

    middle-of-the-night exaggerations dissolve

    to slivers of sadness on your pillow,

    middle-of-life jolts that seem to compress

    the heavens into one streak of sleet

    thaw into softer ground. Like the rain cycle

    that hides the light and obscures the view,

    you can lose your way on old ground or forget

    the innate blue light in everything, ready again.

    The surface of the tall grass spins in the breeze

    it swirls into existence...

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  • An Open Letter to New Yoga Teachers

    An Open Letter to New Yoga Teachers
    Yesterday was the last day of a yoga teacher training that began in September. Inspired by the group’s great courage and heart, I’ve written them an open letter that I hope will be of help to them and to anyone starting out on the path of teaching:

    Dear Friends,
    Let me begin by saying that being in your presence all these months has been a privilege beyond my highest expectations. When I reflect on where we—students and teachers—started in our travels together and where we are in this moment, I am both...

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  • Hugger Mugger Marketing Director: Yoga’s a Way of Life for Crystal Griffiths

    Crystal Griffiths Lives Her Yoga at Hugger Mugger
    If you ask Crystal Griffiths what she likes best about her job at Hugger Mugger, she’ll give you the best answer possible: “Yoga is my passion.” Crystal lives and breathes Yoga, at work and beyond.

    Crystal is Hugger Mugger’s marketing director and international sales rep. Since 2007, she has represented us at trade shows and conferences, handled web-based product promotions and email blasts, and kept our website up to date. Crystal is a creative artist with an uncanny talent for understanding what the larger yoga community values. At trade shows and...

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  • Full Expression: What is it Really, in the Context of Yoga?

    Full Expression in Supta Padanghustasana?

    Have you ever heard a yoga teacher invite you to take a pose to full expression? What comes to mind when you hear this? I’d wager that for most of us, we picture the most extreme expression of flexibility—one that we might see on Instagram or on the covers of yoga magazines. But given that yoga is not just about poses, in the larger context of Yoga, could “full expression” have another meaning?

    Of course, asanas are the face of what we think of as yoga, at least in...

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  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah Gives TLC to Thousands


    Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah Saves Lives
    If you live in Utah, you may have traveled to the Farmington Bay Bird Refuge in February to spend time with the 800-1,500 bald eagles that winter there every year. You’ve probably also heard about the West Nile virus outbreak that claimed 27 of these magnificent raptors this season. Or maybe you’ve been following the Willard Bay beavers, six animals—one adult and five young ’uns—who were badly injured during a Chevron oil spill in March 2013. All these beings spent time...

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