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  • Yoga Mat History 101

    Prasarita Padottanasana on a Nature Collection Ultra Mat

    Ever Wondered Where Yoga Mats Came From? Here’s Yoga Mat History 101

    Things in the Yoga world have not always been as easy as they are now. Back in the olden days of Yoga in the U.S., practitioners had to deal not only with the challenges inherent in practice, but also the added difficulty of sliding around on a variety of different types of floors. I liken it to how our parents had to walk miles to school in rain and snow, uphill both directions. Well, maybe...

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  • What to Do When Your Yoga Class Falls Asleep

    What To Do When Your Whole Yoga Class Falls Asleep
    They fell asleep, every last one of them. I could tell people were dozing off when I led them through a guided imagery in Savasana, telling them about the need for rest and replenishment as the seasons changed. They obviously took me at my word. Snoring abounded. Slow, deep breathing took over. Some people’s eyelids fluttered just a bit; others had their tired eyes well hidden under eye pillows.

    By the time I was done with the meditation, and it was time to go, everyone was marvelously relaxed, which...

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  • Quick and Tasty Dinner - Romaine Salad with Chives, Pecans, Chevre and Chive Blossoms


    Romaine Salad with Chives, Pecans, Chevre and Chive Blossoms
    I’ve been eating garden lettuce for several weeks now. My Romaine is not quite as big as what you’ll find in grocery stores, but it’s so tender and fresh. I’ve been enjoying this lively salad for the past few days. It’s especially fun to make this salad at the moment because my backyard chives are in bloom and the blossoms make a delicate and pretty addition to the greens. Of course, store-bought fresh, organic Romaine hearts will make a tasty salad if you don’t...

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  • Yoga Poetry - You Rise Up to Meet the Falling World

    Yoga Poetry
    You Rise Up to Meet the Falling World
    Whatever you lift to the sky, the sky covers:

    middle-of-the-night exaggerations dissolve

    to slivers of sadness on your pillow,

    middle-of-life jolts compress the heavens

    into one streak of sleet, thawing into softer ground.

    Like the rain cycle that obscures the view,

    you can lose your way on old ground or forget

    the innate blue light in everything, ready again.

    The surface of the tall grass spins in the breeze

    it swirls into existence. The present twists down

    to meet you...

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  • Save Your Wrists and Build Strength in Dog Pose

    Save Your Wrists and Hands in Dog Pose!
    Adho Mukha Svanasana, aka Downward Facing Dog Pose or simply Dog Pose, is arguably the most ubiquitous of poses. Yoga teacher Donna Farhi calls it the “‘garlic’ of yoga poses—a panacea for whatever ails you.” Dog Pose is simultaneously an inversion, an arm balance, a forward bend and a restorative pose. It opens your shoulders, strengthens your arms, lengthens your spine, stretches your legs, inverts your internal organs and nourishes your brain. It invigorates and calms. For dogs and cats, Dog Pose is the equivalent of a morning cuppa, a remedy that...

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  • HCI’s Wellness-Survivorship Center Heals Lives

    HCI’s Wellness-Survivorship Center Heals Lives
    Not long ago, a patient at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) confessed to the institute’s Wellness-Survivorship Center manager, Shelley White, that she accidentally missed her radiation appointment. The patient had spent the day going from appointment to appointment at the Wellness Center. She enjoyed herself so thoroughly in the Wellness Center that she simply forgot she had a radiation session scheduled for that day.

    And maybe that is the point. Patients with cancer do, of course, benefit from the life-saving traditional treatments HCI provides. But perhaps the many activities available in the Wellness-Survivorship Center can...

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  • Experienced Yoga Teachers - What You Don’t Know Counts

    Facilitating the Flow of Prana with a Yoga Block

    Why Beginning Teachers are More Confident than Experienced Yoga Teachers
    Yesterday morning one of my students asked me how my teaching has changed over the last 29 years. A few things came to mind: I no longer feel an ego need to demonstrate show-off poses. I no longer interpret “beginning,” “intermediate,” or “advanced” through the lens of what a person’s body can or can’t do. But most important, I’m a whole lot less confident that I know the answers than I was when I started.


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  • Cultivating Appreciation - Knowing You Have No Toothache


    Cultivating Appreciation - Knowing You Have No Toothache
    A while back some nasty bacteria set up camp around my lower right wisdom tooth. The sensation was one I’d never felt before. Swollen gum tissue had displaced the tooth, so much so that the only teeth that articulated in my entire mouth were the infected one and the upper one opposite it. And when those two teeth came together, shock waves shot through my mouth.

    My dentist thought the tooth itself was fine, and the infection was nothing antibiotics couldn’t cure. I’ve...

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  • Bridge Pose: Get Out of Your Chair

    Bridge Pose: The Best Anti-Sitting Pose
    We all do it. Every day. Hunched over a computer, grasping a steering wheel, slouched on the couch or settled onto a meditation cushion—we all sit, sometimes for hours at a time.

    We take sitting in chairs for granted. It’s the go-to position for pretty much everything we do on a regular basis. Like standing and lying down, it’s something most of our bodies are designed to do. The problem lies in the extraordinary lengths of uninterrupted sitting time to which we’ve grown accustomed.

    All kinds of physical/mental problems arise when we...

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  • The Original Yoga Shorts: A Journey

    The Original Yoga Shorts
    A few items have lived in storage for much, much longer than two years, but they are not going anywhere, despite the fact that I don’t plan to wear them again. One such item is a pair of maroon-colored velour gym shorts I first saw more than 25 years ago.

    I remember it like it was yesterday:  A golden-haired, blue-eyed Yoga student of several years walked into a Monday night intermediate class wearing the maroon shorts. These were not just any old gym shorts, however. These shorts were designed for Yoga practice. Each leg was...

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