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  • Growing a Yoga Community

    What Size Class Suits Your Teaching Style?

    Your Yoga Community:  Does Size Matter?
    The photos are everywhere. Yoga classes depicted in mainstream media often show an endless sea of mats, their occupants performing mirror-image poses of one another. Sometimes finding the microphone-adorned teacher is akin to playing “Where’s Waldo?”

    These photos, while they may depict reality for some of the yoga world’s best-known teachers, are not reality for the thousands of teachers across the country that teach regular classes in studios, gyms, church basements and community spaces around the country. Most of us teach to...

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  • Huntsman Cancer Institute Offers Comprehensive, Compassionate Care

    Huntsman Cancer Institute Improves Lives of Cancer Survivors and their Families
    By the time I graduated from high school, the mothers of two friends fell victim to cancer, my uncle died from pancreatic cancer, and my aunt miraculously survived aggressive, bilateral breast cancer. Since then—quite a few years now—I couldn’t begin to count the number of people in my life who have succumbed to cancer and the even greater numbers of people who have survived one or more bouts with cancer. All this is to say that every single one of us will be affected by cancer, probably many times...

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  • Kundalini Yoga: More Than Just Asana


    What is Kundalini Yoga?
    Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga that has been practiced in the United States for only a short time. In 1969, Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO (the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization), which was created to introduce Kundalini to a broader population. At that time Kundalini had not been taught to the public, and Yogi Bhajan felt that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy its benefits.

    Kundalini Yoga is an asana series that is done in conjunction with a specific breath that intensifies...

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  • Healthy Yoga Practice: Does Your Practice Feed You?

    What is Healthy Yoga Practice?
    More than 20 years ago I decided that I would ingest only foods that would contribute to my health and well-being, and avoid “non-foods” that have no nutritional value, things like chemical-ridden processed foods and zero-nutrition soft drinks. I haven’t eaten meat since 1978, and spent about 12 years on a vegan diet before returning to eating occasional eggs and goat yogurt and chevre. I eat local, organic and homegrown foods whenever possible and always cook from scratch. Fortunately, I love to cook.

    There are times when I enjoy eating decidedly unhealthy sweet treats...

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  • Finding the Moon

    Finding the Moon
    Did you stop now that you found the moon almost full,

    floating west across a small clearing between the clouds?

    Did you still yourself in the lawn chair on the deck, and give up

    waiting for one desire to name itself, or another to dissipate?


    Where have you been, the beautiful world asks.

    Wind furrows your hair. The moon folds under a cloud

    the size of a great lake. The light leaves in increments.

    Lightning bugs thread their stories through the cedars,

    which hold all seasons, whether...

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  • Earth Day Yoga

    Earth Day Yoga - Every Day is Earth Day
    Today is the day that we celebrate this beautiful planet that sustains us all. Back in 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, inspired by the devastation of a California oil spill a year before and by the energy of the anti-war movement, felt that Americans should mobilize around protecting our environment. He conceived the day as an opportunity for a “teach-in” about the problems facing our most precious resources—air and water. On April 22, 1970, 20 million people took to the streets to show support.

    Earth Day was largely a bipartisan...

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  • Earth Week Yoga: Is Your Yoga Sustainable?

    Paschimottanasana - Seated Forward Bend

    Energy Conservation Makes for Sustainable Yoga
    Earth Week is a great time to recommit to greening our lifestyles. This includes all areas of our lives—how we eat, how we travel, how we work and how we play. It also includes how we practice Yoga.

    In the past decade, the yoga products industry has stepped up to the plate for the environment. We now have lots of choices: mats made from rubber, jute and PER, and TPE; cork, bamboo and recycled blocks; hemp straps, and bamboo yoga towels to name a...

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  • Always Remember to Cherish Yourself

    Cherish Yourself


    It’s very easy to make other people and their priorities more important than you and your goals.

    Make sure to hold your own goals, dreams, desires and needs in a very high regard. Do not give away so much of yourself that when you need energy there’s none left.

    Being of service is one of the fastest ways to be happy and to find success, but there is a balance. You can’t give away what you don’t have. Make sure you are filled up...

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  • What is Iyengar Yoga?


    Iyengar Yoga:  Technique, Sequencing, Timing and the Eight Limbs
    One of the first things I did when I moved to Salt Lake City in 1982 was search for a hatha yoga teacher. Back then the extent of yoga advertising was a black & white flyer hanging on the natural foods store’s bulletin board—the kind with the little phone numbers you could tear off the bottom. That is how I found my first Iyengar yoga teachers, Cita Mason and her then-husband, David Riley. In addition to teaching yoga, Cita was a...

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  • Advanced Yoga Practice: It’s All in Your Mind


    Advanced Yoga Practice:  It’s All in Your Mind
    Must. Do. Everything.
    A former student recently told me that she had to stop coming to class because she just couldn’t make herself sit out poses even when she knew they were bothering her back. Even though I encourage people to abstain when a pose doesn’t feel right, and my class culture is anything but competitive, this particular student realizes that it is her nature to want to do everything. An active biker, skier and climber, she’s up for pretty much...

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