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  • Yoga Resolutions - 4 Things You Can Wish for Your Yoga Practice in 2014

    Yoga Resolutions - 4 Things You Can Wish for Your Yoga Practice in 2014
    Are New Year’s resolutions a thing of the past? An antiquated practice moving inexorably toward extinction? If you read the numbers, you could easily get that impression. According to a CBS poll, 68 percent of Americans claim they do not make resolutions. That number is 10 percentage points higher than it was just two years ago.

    Perhaps it is because we're too busy and preoccupied to ponder our goals, or maybe it’s because time and again, many of us have learned that those resolutions are pretty hard to...

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  • How Important is Yoga Alignment?

    All Channels Clear in Trikonasana

    How Important is Yoga Alignment?
    My first yoga teacher was a student of the venerable Indra Devi. I only took classes from her for six months before moving to another state, but those classes planted a seed that has been flowering for 30 years now. June Bains was not a flashy teacher. She didn’t teach detailed yoga alignment—at all. But somehow who she was gave us all permission to explore not only the muscle-and-bones physical body, but the subtler layers as well.

    When I moved to Salt Lake City, I was introduced to Iyengar...

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  • Yoga Poetry: Speaking to the Wind

    Yoga Poetry
    Speaking to the Wind
    Where are you now, wind, when you’re everywhere?

    Jack rabbit of shadow, rustle of dry grass.

    Then it’s night, and you sweep through the center

    of tree or field, your hands too in love

    with what their wrists do when dancing.


    What unfolds its wet wings in the shimmer

    only to be dried into flight by you?

    What climbs a happy slope of light

    then the walls of the sky start, clanging happy

    fast down to the earth where a dragonfly

    holds tight to the paltry underside of leaf.


    Up or down.  That everywhere motion that love imitates,

    or at least what we think love can be, when...

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  • In Praise of Older Yoga Teachers

    Why Older Yoga Teachers Have a Lot to Offer—If You Take the Time to See It
    Truth be told, this post has been brewing in me for a while. But today when author and yoga blogger extraordinaire Carol Horton posted this blog on Facebook, I finally decided it was time. (Please note that Carol didn’t write this blog; she found it and posted it for discussion.)

    Let me start with this disclaimer: I am an older yoga teacher. I’m 58 years old and have been teaching for 27 years. So you may choose to filter this blog through the lens that it...

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  • The Power of Generosity


    The Power of Generosity
    One of my clearest, most nostalgic memories from growing up is that of the excitement of Christmas morning. Our parents would round up my two sisters and me so that we could all converge on the living room simultaneously, run to our piles of presents, and ooooh and ahhhh in unison. The excitement of seeing my wishes granted, and the surprise of gifts I hadn't asked for that my parents imagined I might like, was just so much fun. That excitement sustained me through the day as we visited relatives and...

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  • Yoga Poetry: Finding the Question

    Finding the Question
    Is it the wind from the cedars

    brushing the wet ground,

    the nests of the wrens

    tucked into the rock’s eve?

    Is it the storm over the horizon

    willing the dark night

    to lighten with change?

    Is it the old love unrequited

    still burning underground,

    the bitterness of what I wish

    I didn’t say or lose threading

    through branches in winter?

    from the branches in winter?

    Is it the land across the open

    ocean where blues blends blue?

    Is it the slim river I dream of,

    remembering finding it just east

    of this nighttime house

    as if it was always there?

    Is it my father’s voice on the phone

    just before he died, saying,

    What can you do?

    or the...

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  • Your Achin’ Back: Yoga for Snow Shoveling


    Your Achin’ Back:  Yoga for Snow Shoveling
    Ahhhh … fresh powder. In the past few days, Utah’s been blanketed with the stuff. Even the southwestern part of the state, where snow is a once-a-decade event, got five inches that effectively shut the city of St. George down for lack of snow removal equipment. It took me about 20 minutes to dig out my car last Thursday and shovel my walks and driveway, and by the end of it, my lower back was whining a bit. Fortunately, I was headed to yoga class. Now my back is expressing...

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  • Utah Food Bank: Feeding Utah’s Families

    Utah Food Bank Back in the Day

    Utah Food Bank:  Feeding Utah’s Families
    While driving to the Utah Food Bank to visit their main Salt Lake City facility, I was picturing a rather large, but cozy, food pantry where anyone in need could come and collect supplies at any time. Boy was I wrong.

    The Utah Food Bank, founded 108 years ago—how’s that for a yogically auspicious history?—is instead housed in an 86,000-square-foot warehouse that’s stacked to its atmospheric ceilings with shelves of well-organized boxes of every kind of food imaginable. The food bank’s Salt Lake City distribution center...

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  • The Advanced Yogi: Not What You Think

    Yoganidrasana by a True “Advanced Yogi” (BKS Iyengar)

    What is an Advanced Yogi?
    Recently I led some yoga students through a rather lengthy series of leg-stretching asanas based on Supta Padanghustasana (Supine Big Toe Pose). I traditionally end the series with a one-legged version of Yoganidrasana (ankles behind the head). Of course, most people in my classes feel pretty flexible if their foot ends up within a few inches of their faces—and honestly, that’s really quite flexible compared to the average person on the street.

    The orientation and depth of many people’s hip sockets will never allow the full...

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  • Asanas for Snow: Yoga for Skiing

    Yoga for Skiing


    As the days get shorter most skiers start daydreaming about the sparkling white wonderland and the bounding, weightless dance with gravity that awaits. Skiing or riding down the side of a mountain thrills the senses and nourishes the soul but can take a heavy toll on the body. Engaging gravity and speed standing on your feet requires quick reflexes, balance, and power and often leave muscles tight and sore.

    Yoga’s asanas, or poses, are often sought out by ski fanatics as a way to remedy the aches and...

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