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  • Share Your Gifts with the World


    Share Your Gifts with the World
    Ask for what you want. Think big and ask big. In an infinite world even the largest request is small.

    The key is don’t ask from your ego; ask from your heart. The ego asks because it wants to be superior, made larger and more significant. The heart asks because it wishes to share, heal and inspire the world. When you have a large vision and know your purpose, ask for it in all the biggest ways you can. Know that you have value and that your gifts need to...

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  • Marketing Your Yoga Classes with Soul: Part 1 - Alignment

    Marketing Your Yoga Classes with Soul
    As I prepare to offer my first Curvy Yoga classes this month, I’ve been renewing marketing of my classes, and considering what soulful outreach really looks like for me. I say “for me” rather than for everyone because I believe that ethically putting our work out into the work means aligning how we do outreach with our values and character, which is another way of bringing into harmony who we are, what we do and how we do it.

    As someone who’s been marketing my writing classes and books for years, I’ve had a lot...

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  • Slowing Down — The Power of Pausing

    Slowing Down - The Power of Pausing
    Years ago I took a vacation to Baja, where some friends had relocated. One morning when the beach was completely deserted, I decided to take a solitary walk. As my pace slowed due to the mushy sand and my desire to shake off the usual brisk pace of my life, I began to notice things along the way that I might not have seen if I’d been speeding along at my usual pace: a perfectly shaped conch, sparkling pebbles, multicolored sand crystals. One particular pile of tide debris caught my eye. I stopped to...

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  • Would You Like to Start a Daily Meditation Practice?

    How Simple Rituals Can Help You Build a Daily Meditation Practice
    Last year I spent a long weekend at Green Gulch Farm in Northern California. Green Gulch is a lovely, green valley in the hills above Sausalito. A branch of the San Francisco Zen Center, it is both an organic farm and a retreat center for Zen students of all stripes—from householders wanting to spend a week or more practicing and working on the farm to permanent residents, some of whom have inhabited the center since its beginnings.

    I have practiced Insight Meditation since 1986. One of Buddhism’s many branches, Insight Meditation...

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  • Jathara Parivartanasana: Expand your Elixir Field


    Jathara Parivartanasana:  Expand your Elixir Field
    If you plant a garden, you know that August is your garden’s most bounteous month. Squash, eggplant, potatoes, onions, sweet corn, peppers, and of course, succulent tomatoes—an altogether different fruit from the mealy, pinkish orbs in the grocery store—are plentiful and at their juicy best. Late summer is the time we harvest and assimilate Earth’s bounty, the fruits of our labors.

    It’s likely no coincidence then that Chinese medicine designates late summer as the time when the Earth element is predominant. It is also fitting that Earth is the element...

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  • Got Emotion? Yoga Can Help — But Not in the Way You Think

    Got Emotion? Yoga Can Help — But Not in the Way You Think
    I feel fortunate. I got to grow up in a time and with a generation that has dominated Western culture since we were but wee sprouts. I’m part of the baby boom generation, and even though this vast swath of American culture is steadily and inexorably moving into senior status, I still feel very lucky. We had the Beatles and the cultural tsumani they unleashed. We were in eye of the civil rights hurricane. We were the generation that awakened to the reality that war is not always...

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  • When Your Yoga Teaching Just Doesn’t Do It for Someone


    When Your Yoga Teaching Just Doesn’t Do It For Someone
    Sometimes those who come to our classes are exhilarated to be with us, having chosen us from many other teachers. Sometimes it’s the opposite.

    A few weeks ago, I encountered someone who clearly wasn’t so thrilled to be in my class. “Biff” arrived with his rolled-up mat under his arm, took a quick look at me, and actually stepped back. “Hi,” I said. “Welcome to the all levels class.” He nodded, signed in and tried to smile.

    Had this happened in my early weeks and months of...

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  • Mindful Living: Just This Task


    Mindful Living:  Being Present in Your Daily Life
    Mindfulness has become a buzzword in the yoga world. I read a lot about mindful living, mindfulness practice. In fact I've practiced mindfulness over the past 27 years. Sometimes it’s been a challenge to make time in my schedule to do formal practice, although in recently years I’ve committed to getting up early to fit in at least 30 minutes of sitting practice, and more if I can.

    The good news is that you can be mindful any time, not just when you’re doing a formal practice...

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  • Why Practicing Yoga is Like Swimming Upstream

    Why Practicing Yoga is Like Swimming Upstream
    In 1988, I attended my second 10-day silent Vipassana (Insight) Meditation retreat. The retreat began on December 26, 1988 and ended on January 6, 1989. One of my clearest memories of that retreat was a revelation that took place on New Year’s Eve. In my days as a party girl at Indiana University and in the ensuing years, like most people I considered New Year’s Eve to be a great excuse to find a party or go to a bar and get smashed. That’s just what my friends and I, along with most people...

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  • Why There’s No Substitute for a Good Yoga Teacher


    Why There’s No Substitute for a Good Yoga Teacher
    I have a confession to make:  I am a yoga teacher who has no yoga teacher. I can attend classes, watch videos or participate in online practices, but I do not have a main yoga teacher with whom I practice.

    Frequently students or friends ask me for recommendations of videos or online classes to take if they are unable to make it to a studio or gym for in person practices. I usually suggest one or two yoga teachers who...

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