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  • Vasisthasana: Balancing Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Vasisthasana:  Balancing Outside Your Comfort Zone

    If you practice yoga, you probably favor some poses over others. Most of us like the poses that are easy for us as well as the ones that show off our strengths. The others, not so much. At some point in my 30 years of practice, almost every pose that’s been within my reach has held favorite status for me, at least for a while. Since every pose influences the mind-body in a different way at…continue reading

  • Integrity Matters: Who is Your Yoga Teacher—Really?

    Integrity Matters:  Who is Your Yoga Teacher—Really?

    Last week I went to a funky roadhouse called The Garage on Beck to listen to some friends who play jazz there on Thursday nights. I happened to join a table that included a friend I hadn’t seen in years. This friend is a longtime Zen practitioner of 20 years, until the center where he practiced imploded in early 2011 due to sexual impropriety on the part of its leader.

    My friend told me h…continue reading

  • Yoga for Two

    Yoga for Two
    Yoga for Two

    A teacher at the yoga studio where I teach put out a call for help: She had to work suddenly and needed coverage for her class. Because she had covered for me several times before, and I had other people covering my class for me for the next two weeks, I felt compelled to answer her call. After I sent the email, however, I remembered: Tonight was the 30th anniversary of my husband and my first date, and we were going out …continue reading

  • Yoga Poses Get You in the Door

    Yoga Poses Get You in the Door - Once You’re Inside There’s a Whole Lot More than You Bargained For

    When I first started practicing yoga, I was all about the poses. I mean, of course, right? I was 18 and obsessed with losing weight.

    I’m honestly not sure what else I even could have been focused on at that point, to tell you the truth.

    Getting There

    For the first several (okay, more like 10) years of my practice, I really, really wanted to a…continue reading

  • Yoga Dog - The Yoga of Living with a Big, Naughty Dog

    Yoga Dog - The Yoga of Living with a Big, Naughty Dog

    I love our dog Shay, who arrived at our front door a little over a year ago with a look on his face that clearly communicated, “You are my people.” At the same time, this dog drives me crazy. The crash that wakes me up turns out to be the compost bucket, its contents once against strewn across two rooms. Although Shay doesn’t eat banana peels, he eats just about everything else, like my …continue reading

  • Para Rubber Yoga Mats: It All Starts with the Tree

    Para Rubber Yoga Mats

    Native to South America, rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) are tapped for their latex, the source material for all natural rubber products. While more than half the rubber used in manufacturing today is synthetic—from petroleum sources—we use only natural, tree-sourced, Malaysian rubber in our mats.

    Our Para Rubber Yoga Mats come in four earthy colors:  Storm, River, Rainforest and Tropical.  The mat’s surface sports a…continue reading

  • Kitcheree: Spring Cleaning for Your Body

    Kitcheree:  Spring Cleaning for Your Body

    From The Yoga Cookbook:  Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind

    People love kitcheree! This hearty, one-pot dish is widely eaten in India, especially by sadhus, who leave it to cook while they are meditating. Kitcheree gives strength and vitality, and is often used as a part of a body detox program (think spring cleaning), after kriyas (cleansing exercises) and upon breaking of a fast. In Ayurveda, kitch…continue reading

  • Boston Marathon: Remembering Our Buddha Nature

    Boston Marathon:  Remembering Our Buddha Nature

    When I heard the news of the Boston Marathon bombing on NPR yesterday, like most of us, I was horrified and saddened. I still can’t wrap my mind around why anyone would want to kill and maim innocent people who were there simply to celebrate a fun, venerated community event.

    I immediately thought of my friend and fellow musician, Cory Maxfield, a flutist I’ve played with regularly in t…continue reading

  • TreeUtah and Hugger Mugger Plant Trees

    Hugger Mugger Joins TreeUtah in Restoring Redwood Nature Area

    Last summer we at Hugger Mugger chose the Utah nonprofit organization TreeUtah to be our beneficiary for the summer quarter. Now in its 23rd year, TreeUtah plants thousands of trees each year with the help of thousands of volunteers from around the state. On Saturday, April 13th, a group from Hugger Mugger hiked out to the Redwood Nature Area to help reforest the former wetland.

    The J…continue reading

  • Ardha Chandrasana: Dynamic Balance

    Ardha Chandrasana:  Dynamic Balance

    Some schools of yoga teach that it’s best not to practice on the two ends of the moon’s cycle—the full and new moons. The theory is that because our bodies are mostly made of water, like the tides of the ocean, the tides of our cells shift with the phases of the moon. During the full moon, our energies tend to rise—have you ever had trouble sleeping on a full moon night? When our energies are higher, we…continue reading

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