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Natural Wool Yoga Blanket

Natural Wool Yoga BlanketEnlarge

Natural Wool Yoga Blanket
Support your restorative practice with this soft wool blanket. It's manufactured without dyes or chemicals for your eco-friendly practice.


Our chemical-free Natural Wool Yoga Blankets provide the same reliable support as our traditional wool blankets. These soft blankets are manufactured without dyes or wetting compounds. They are also beautifully finished with stitching on all four sides.

  • Free from dyes and chemicals
  • Use for Restorative yoga practice
  • Great support for shoulder stand and seated forward bends
  • Long lasting and durable

Benefits: Natural wool blanket Easy care. Hand wash with cool water, line dry, or dry clean only.

Eco Properties: Made from chemical-free wool


Size: 63" x 82"

Thickness: 1/16"

Weight: 3.2lbs

Material: Natural Wool

Country of Origin: India


Care Instructions: Hand wash and hang to dry