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How HM Gives Back

Hugger Mugger was established in 1986 as a way to help people in their practice of Yoga. Twenty-six years later, we still believe in that same philosophy of helping people. Throughout the years, we have donated our time and products to a number of different charities and causes including:


-Yoga props to help in the rehabilitation of members of our armed services
-Yoga mats for an inner city group that was working with youth in detention centers
-Yoga mats used in the rescue of waterfowl that were affected by the oil spill in the Gulf Coast region
-Partnering with an organization that offers Yoga to schools, senior centers and caregivers
-Volunteering numerous hours at Yoga events that have raised funds for various causes


In an effort to increase the impact and reach of our donations, we are going to become more focused in our efforts. Starting October 1, 2011, Hugger Mugger began donating a percentage of our retail sales to a specific charity or cause. We will donate to each organization for three months, and then choose a new group. We are very excited about this program, and thank you in advance for the difference you will make when you choose a new Hugger Mugger product.


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