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Hatha Yoga 101 for Beginners Konstanze Wegman


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Yoga with Konstanze Wegman at the Wegmans Organic Farm. My DVD is basic yoga geared towards beginners. Poses you can do! This is for people who have never done yoga before, but know deep down that there must be something else that is less stressful than a more traditional exercise program. I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for 25 years and I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. My teaching is for anyone interested in a sustainable exercise program. Yoga will benefit you in body, mind, and spirit. It will help you be the best you can be! I would like to thank my instructor, Francois Raoult, who urged me to be a teacher, and made a difference in my life with yoga, and Rick Lynch, for his inspiration through his classes. Special thanks to my husband Danny, for giving yoga a try and now making it a part of Wegmans, as well as, our own lifestyle. Now, I want to share my passion for yoga with others. Enjoy the journey! Namaste, Stency. Hatha Yoga 101: Yoga at Dawn - 60 minutes, instruction. Yoga at Dawn - 30 minutes, music. Yoga at Dusk - 60 minutes, instruction. Yoga at Dusk - 30 minutes, music. (Props and Interview)
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