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TAPAS® Nature Collection Yoga Mat - sunset


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Our Nature Collection Yoga Mats are inspired by natural wonders—from minerals to plants to natural phenomena. These yoga mats feature the same nonslip surface as our Tapas Yoga Mat line, but each mat sports a one-of-a-kind design to enliven your yoga practice. 

• Nonslip surface stabilizes your practice

• 1/8" thickness provides solid contact for standing and balance poses.

• Lightweight, easy to transport

• Each mat has a unique, nature-inspired design that will inspire your practice!

• Sturdy, long lasting and economical



Eco Properties: Long lasting, no heavy metals or phthalates

Size: 24" x 68"

Thickness: 1/8"

Weight: 2.5lbs

Made in Taiwan

PVC (Amethyst, Bamboo, Niagara, Sunset)
PER (Cherry Blossom)

Latex Free

Care Instructions: Spot clean with mat cleaner or 1:20 solution of mild soap and water. Hang to dry.
Loved & Trusted Since 1986