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Ultra Nature Collection Yoga Mat - Purple Mountain

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Ultra Nature Collection Yoga Mat - Purple Mountain
This mat continues to be a favorite with the beautiful variegated pattern and extra cushion.


Love the Nature Collection mat but need a little extra cushion? The Nature Collection Ultra Yoga Mat is the natural choice! Ultra mats feature the same great nonslip surface with twice the cushioning power, making it especially good for sitting, kneeling and lying poses. Our Nature Collection Ultra Mat helps every Yogi take a step in the right direction.  This mat is made from Latex-free Polymer Environmental Resin (PER) which has been extracted from biodegradable plant secretions to produce a plastic-like material. It is a  non-toxic and sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. This mat also contains no heavy metals or phthalates. 

  • Nonslip surface stabilizes your practice
  • 1/4" thickness cushions your bones and joints
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Each mat has a unique, nature-inspired design that will inspire your practice!
  • Sturdy, long-lasting, and economical

Eco Properties: Long lasting, no heavy metals or phthalates

Size: 24" x 68" Thickness: 1/4" Weight: 3.2lbs Made in Taiwan Material: PVC (Flame) PER (Evergreen, Ocean, Purple Mountain) Latex Free Care Instructions: Spot clean with mat cleaner or 1:20 solution of mild soap and water. Hang to dry.