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Yoga for Meditators Giveaway This Week!

yoga for meditators

Yoga for Meditators

Yoga for Meditators Giveaway!

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new book by one of our bloggers, Charlotte Bell, Yoga for Meditators, published by Rodmell Press. If you’ve ever struggled with your body in sitting meditation, because of tight hips, quads and hamstrings; sore neck and shoulders; back pain; nervous agitation or sleepiness, this book is for you.

The good news is we’re giving away three signed copies this week. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Blog:  Leave a comment here telling us why you meditate, or if you don’t practice meditation yet, why you’d like to start.
  2. Facebook:  Go to our Facebook page and answer the same question.
  3. Twitter:  Go to Twitter and answer the question, “How often do you meditate?”

We will choose a Twitter winner on Wednesday, a Facebook winner on Thursday and a blog winner on Friday. Feel free to enter all three ways.

The book contains four sections:

  1. Taking a Seat:  The most common issues that arise in sitting and how to alleviate them, including finding the most structurally sound position for your spine
  2. Yoga Poses for Sitting Meditation:  Asana to establish the base, awaken the spine, soften the shoulders and quiet the body/mind.
  3. Practicing Yoga:  Sequences for calming agitation, increasing energy, opening the hips, relieving stress, easing the lower back and for during the moon cycle.
  4. Alternate Meditation Postures:  Other traditional meditation positions—walking, standing and lying—with ways to settle into each.


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7 thoughts on “Yoga for Meditators Giveaway This Week!”

  • Nyk Danu Yoga

    I meditate for 30- 40 min 5-7 days a week!
    My meditation practice gives me some time for self care and quiet time that I need in order to be fully present for the rest of my life. My students, loved ones and the world at large benefit from my practice as well <3

  • sbuntin

    If it's by Charlotte Bell, it's gotta be good.

  • Je

    I started meditating while I was healing from an illness. I found it that it helped me stay present and lessened the anxiety.

  • Gina

    I had found that sitting meditation can be challenging for me at times so I started practicing more of the breath focused forms of yoga (Ashtanga, Viniyoga and even mantra). As a result, my sitting meditation has become easier when I do it. It helps on so many levels, mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually.

  • Carolyn

    I try to include a brief meditation after my daily yoga session. I find it very calming to give myself a break from that monkey mind of thinking and/or worrying. Concentrating on breathing in and out at key moments during the day is also a good stress reliever!

  • Carole

    I have tried meditation and guided imagery. Both are helpful to me and if I am restless I find that walking meditation helps.

  • Siobhan

    I recently started meditating because I need more control of my thoughts. It is starting to help me tap into my breath and find relaxation during stressful times.

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