The Power of Thoughts

This entry was posted on Apr 9, 2012 by Crystal Griffiths.
The Power of Thoughts or The Power We Give Our Thoughts

I realized something very different today. Here’s a liberating thought:  You don’t have to believe every thought that you think. And, not every thought that you think is true.

You might be conditioned to think, “This always happens to me.”

Or perhaps, “I don’t deserve love.”

Or even better, “I don’t deserve to be happy.”

Since when did you let thoughts like this run your world? And who said you should believe them? And why do you believe them?

Today, here is a practice for you:  Just for today, try not believing your thoughts. Just notice them.

When you have fearful thoughts, do not react, just notice. When you have thoughts of needing something outside yourself, do not react, just notice. When you have angry thoughts, do not react, just notice. When you have resentful thoughts, do not react, just notice.

If you want to live on this journey and reach your Highest Potential, it is essential that your awareness, your soul, your heart run the show. Do not buy into every thought that your mind believes. When you start to change your life, your mind will still believe the old thoughts and think that the newer and healthier thoughts are “weird,” “lies” or “cheesy.” None of these things are true.

 A New Way of Being

If you want to step into a new way of being, then do not buy into what you think. Instead, learn to silence the mind through meditation (simply sit down for 15 minutes, close your eyes and focus on the breath entering and leaving your nose). When thoughts come up, just notice them and let them go.

It’s liberating to know that not everything you think is true, and it’s even more liberating to know that you have a choice over which thoughts you want to believe.

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