Para Rubber Yoga Mats: It All Starts with the Tree

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Para Rubber Yoga Mats

Native to South America, rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) are tapped for their latex, the source material for all natural rubber products. While more than half the rubber used in manufacturing today is synthetic—from petroleum sources—we use only natural, tree-sourced, Malaysian rubber in our mats.

Our Para Rubber Yoga Mats come in five earthy colors:  River, Lotus, Storm, Rose, and Juniper.  The mat’s surface sports a striated pattern that makes each mat unique. Our Para Rubber Yoga Mats are equally sticky on both sides making them extra stable.

Fun Fact:  How Rubber Got its Name

Rubber’s name comes from one of its early uses—as an eraser. When latex first arrived in England in 1770, Joseph Priestley observed that it was great for rubbing pencil marks off paper. In other words, the new material was the perfect rubber. Friction is what makes rubber the ideal material for an eraser. It’s also the quality that makes it a great nonslip Yoga mat. Plus, rubber is sturdy, flexible, sticky and provides excellent cushioning.

Caring for Your Rubber Mat

Rubber is a sturdy material—think 50,000 miles on most standard tires—but because the surface of a rubber yoga mat is processed to be spongier than tires, they are a bit more delicate. Here are some tips for caring for your Para Rubber Yoga Mat:

  • To clean, spray with our PureMat Mat & Gear Wash and wipe with a fabric towel or clean cloth—no paper towels. If you don’t have mat wash solution, you can use a 1:20 solution of mild dish soap and water. Wring out the towel, and wipe your mat very gently.
  • Do not use paper towels to clean your rubber mat. Paper towels disintegrate in contact with a rubber surface, so little bits of the paper towel will get stuck on your mat—very annoying!
  • Hang to dry.

If You Have Latex Allergies…

Some people are sensitive to latex. Since all natural rubber products are made from latex, people with latex allergies should not practice on rubber yoga mats. Symptoms of a latex allergy can include mild itching or redness, sneezing or coughing, and in more serious cases, anaphylactic reactions. The Mayo Clinic‘s website has great information on latex allergies, their symptoms and treatment.

If you have a latex allergy but are interested in using a sustainable Yoga mat, we have lots of great alternatives to rubber. Check out these eco-friendly mats:

PER: Tapas Travel, Nature Collection, Nature Collection Ultra, Gallery Collection Ultra

Jute/PER: Sattva Jute Mat

TPE: Earth Elements 5 mm

32 responses to “Para Rubber Yoga Mats: It All Starts with the Tree”

  1. Wendy Lyons says:

    Since I do my best to be “green” all year round, the way I like to celebrate earth week is to work on getting my friends to be more green throughout the year as well. 🙂

  2. Liz Taylor says:

    As a professional organizer and a lover of yoga I plan to spend my earth day learning about more earth friendly ways to clear out the clutter in my clients homes.

  3. Julia Braaten says:

    Today, I will walk in the grass with my daughters, enjoy the sunshine, and think of the events to come in honor of Earth Day. Our events were cancelled this past wknd due to flooding and flood related power outages– but soon we will be able to plant the seedlings in the school garden, so that all children in our school community can watch something GROW! It is a joyous time to look forward to.

  4. Mon Lopez says:

    Tried earth-friendly products at the health food store. Went to a plant swap. Will do yoga, garden and recycle.

  5. Standing in hip-width foot alignment in Tadasana, I will feel the earth beneath my feet, spread my hands and ground my palmsnext to my hips, feel my pelvis and tailbone connection downward to the Earth, and give thanks to be privileged to stand upon the Earth.

  6. Ann Van Regan says:

    I started Earth Week by going to a concert by Just Voices and Three Little Birds. This was their annual Earth Day concert and was a fun way to start the week with fun and beauty.
    I walked 40 mineach way to my Iyengar clas this morning in the glorious sun…at last! It’s taken a long time for the warmth to get here.
    I’m off to rake the garden and put the winter coat of mulch out with the compost.

  7. Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana says:

    I have been teaching yoga for three decades and am blessed to have created my life around it. I’ve been green just by living at the beach, being vegan, only buy organic, recyling, riding my bike a lot and always learning about new ways to be kinder to the Earth.

  8. Victoria M. Olson says:

    I took a 2 mile walk in the neighborhood (instead of driving 7 miles to yoga class) and picked up recyclable cans and bottles on the side of the road.

  9. Nicole says:

    I am spending a few hours learning new ways to be green and choosing 3 new projects!
    1. I am buying worms to compost more efficiently!
    2. I am bringing glass jars to the deli and cloth bags for produce. at the grocery.
    3. I have rec’d a gift of 2 solar reading lights.
    4. I am canceling all junk mail!

  10. Joyce Wenzinger says:

    I have been trying to be more green by planting a large organic vegetable garden every year to grow enough fresh veggies to freeze and use all year long. I have also been reading a great web site that tells how to make your own laundry soap, toothpaste, and other household products. No chemicals!

  11. Jim Warren says:

    I will compost.

  12. Misty Kirby says:

    We honored the day in our usual manner: cloth diapers, composting all veg and fruit scraps, walking

  13. Rose Czyrny says:

    A a Yoga Studio owner- I plan to teach Asanas this week that work the Root Chakra and sing Mantras and grounding Savasanas. At home lots of playing outdoors with the dog~ hiking and cleaning up the neighborhood of garbage and litter. Ommmmmmm…..

  14. Kim Sellers says:

    This is my favorite holiday, besides Thanksgiving, and every year I teach Vrksasana and variations while talking about trees. This year I also planted 13 trees in my yard, one an edible flowering white crab (food for the animals) that I was given at our local Earth day celebration. It now lives next to the bee-hive and shelters the bluebird box on the back fence.

  15. I participated in my company’s Earth Day celebration by handing out reusable lunch totes, reusable grocery totes and distributing information on water conservation, waste reduction and recycling. I attended a lunch yoga class and an evening yoga class and accumulated 7898 steps on my pedometer.

  16. I went for a long hike to the waters’ edge, wrote a blog post to encourage others to get out and connect with Mother Earth and am helping a friend this weekend with her annual clean-up efforts in our town. The day was preceded by and concluded with asana, of course!

  17. Dee S. says:

    I focused on teaching my kids more about keeping the earth clean and green. We went to a local earth day festival and spent some time hiking in open space.

  18. Allison Pagatpatan says:

    My plans to celebrate Earth week are things I do on a daily basis such as reusing paper bags and reusable bags, composting, recycling plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard, taking public transportation in lieu of driving, carpooling, turning lights off in unused room, and using energy efficient light blurbs.

  19. Linda Cheu says:

    I plan to be present, grounding my feet into this beautiful Earth that we have been blessed with, so I can be of service to those around me. I will be making conscious choices in each moment. I will also do some spring cleaning, donating and recycling as much as possible.

  20. Anita Leung says:

    Converting all household cleaning supplies to natural products. Making natural deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, peppermint chapstick. Grounding meditation. Spreading health and joy to others around me 🙂

  21. Lim says:

    I plan to celebrate Earth Week by recycling my cans and bottles as well as using cloth bags when I go grocery shopping. Every little bit helps.

  22. Liz E says:

    This Earth week has been extra sunny in my neck of the woods. I have celebrated by busting out my juicer and making cilantro-parsley-cucumber juice and carrot-beet-berry juice. This week, after working during the day, I have taken my friend’s toddler to nature areas; went for a long bike ride; had some great stretching/yoga sessions at home; and called up some friends and made plans to meet. Happiness grows in one’s own garden.

  23. Bethany says:

    To celebrate Earth week I am recycling, doing some yoga, and participating in my neighborhood walk.

  24. Deborah Elston says:

    In honor of Earth Week, we are buying more earth friendly cleaning materials, using less hot water for laundry, recycling a ton of paperbags back to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and buying more earth friendly lightbulbs.

  25. kristen francis says:

    i am a an english teacher in baja california, mexico and every year i spend the month of april focusing on how we can celebrate earth day every day! we talk about the 3Rs and how much we love nature & need to appreciate it & care for it. my pet peeve is plastic bags, so we talk a lot about how we can reduce our use of those awful things. we sing songs, make posters (with reused materials, of course!) and talk a lot about what WE can do! we’re also planning a recycled clothing fashion show for mother’s day 😉
    i could REALLY use a new yoga mat, mine is totally falling apart and although i didn’t expect to get rich teaching, i still do appreciate a nice yoga mat!
    thanks 🙂 namaste.

  26. Carmen says:

    I’ve been really looking at my plastic consumption this week. I’m better than most, but there’s lots of room for improvement. Tomorrow I’m going into work late so I’m going to take advantage of the morning and take a long walk in celebration of the full moon and earth week.

  27. Kendra says:

    I plan to celebrate Earth Week by creating a plan to cultivate a garden (nourish the earth with my hands and grow my own food) and work with my nine year old son to reduce eastern our home by reusing and recycling as many things as possible and reducing use of electrical and after resources. We also plan on getting bikes!

  28. Lindsay says:

    My husband is in need of a new yoga mat! I would love to win him one! We have been celebrating Earth Week by making changes around our home such as eliminating paper towels

  29. Andy says:

    I’m celebrating earth week by switching to reusable glass water bottles and stainless steel. Even though I recycled my plastic water bottles, it was healthier for both me and the planet to make the switch.
    As a yoga teacher, I would love to have one of these mats. 🙂

  30. Diana Choksey says:

    Evryday is earth day for m, but this week I’ve been reading the books of conservationist Lawrence Anthony, I’ve also been composting (as usual), buying from bulk bins, walking and just yesterday signed up for classes at a yoga studio! Since summer is around the corner I’ve been staying hydrated by carrying my re-usable water mug everywhere 🙂

  31. Candace Beutler says:

    Earth day was celebrated soaking in healing mineral waters in Calistoga, CA. Wonderful.

  32. Thanks for sharing the discovery of rubber.I being a yoga lover find it very comfortable to work out on rubber exercise mats.The sturdyness and flexibility of mat provides me adequate cushioning to ease my workout.

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