Snuggle Up with a Yoga Bolster!

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yoga bolster

Abraham Shows His Bolsters

Why Our Yoga Bolsters Feel So Good …

Meet Abraham Avelar. As of 2017, Abraham Avilar has been Hugger Mugger’s prime bolster maker for more than ten years. It may seem like this would be a straightforward job, but in order to create just the right balance of inner firmness and outer softness, our yoga bolsters have to be sewn and stuffed just right. Abraham has learned the techniques well, and has invented a few himself.

We cut, sew and stuff our bolsters all in our Salt Lake City-based facility. We started making bolsters back in the 1980s, and over the years we’ve refined the process so that our bolsters are the most durable and functional around. Since the beginning our deepest commitment has been to developing the highest quality yoga products. Abraham fits right into that model. “I put my best into everything I do,” he says, “bolster making, photography, everything.”

yoga bolster

Standard Bolsters in a Rainbow of Colors

Abraham’s talents are not limited to bolster making. He has been a photographer since age 16, learning from his father, who was the town photographer in Cuernavaca, Morleos, Mexico. For the past 35 years, Abraham has shot weddings, landscapes, food, and since coming to work at Hugger Mugger, many of the product shots on our website. Abraham lives in Salt Lake City where he enjoys spending time with his son and two daughters.

We offer four types of bolsters—flat (Standard) bolsters; cylindrical (Round) bolsters and narrow (Junior) bolsters, and pranayama pillows. Here’s a link that shows all the choices. Upholstery-grade fabrics make our bolsters durable for many years of heavy use, not to mention that they’re also quite lovely and can blend into or brighten your studio or home. I still use bolsters I bought from Hugger Mugger more than 20 years ago, and they are in perfect condition.

Fabrics and stuffing techniques are not the whole story though. Each of our bolsters is handmade. There’s a certain “x factor” that comes from the individual attention each bolster gets throughout the process. Abraham explains it best:  “The secret to happiness is to love what you do. I love my job. I put all my love into these bolsters.”



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