Got a Newbie On Your List? Some Beginner Yoga Gift Ideas

This entry was posted on Dec 13, 2017 by Charlotte Bell.

starting a yoga practice

Starting a new class of any kind can be intimidating. We never know what we’re in for. Lots of questions arise: Will it be too challenging—or too easy? Will I like the teacher? Will I feel comfortable? And on and on.

Starting a yoga class is no different. There’s such a huge variety of yoga styles it’s hard to know what to choose. In addition, it’s one thing to start in a beginning class where everyone is on the same page. If, on the other hand, you decide to attend an ongoing class, you could definitely feel at sea in the beginning.

Having your own mat, along with other appropriate props, can help you feel a little more at home. If someone on your list is thinking of starting a yoga class, setting them up with the essentials could be a thoughtful gift.

How to Assemble a Beginner Yoga Gift Package

Start by having a conversation with your friend. Find out what type of yoga class they’re thinking of taking. If they know where and with whom they want to practice, you can contact the studio or teacher and find out what tools your friend might need. If they don’t know yet where or how they’d like to practice, here are some beginner yoga gift ideas:

  1. Yoga Mat: This is the most basic tool. While many studios have mats to borrow or rent, it’s really nice to have your own. Some studio-owned mats are less than pristine. And it’s just nice to have a mat that you can use both at the studio and at home. Check out the mats at this link for some good, basic mat options.
  2. Yoga Mat Carrier: A mat carrier that you can sling over your shoulder makes carting your mat to and from a studio a lot easier. The most basic carrier is a Tapas Simple Sling, a strappy harness with velcro tabs. It comes in five fun designs. Mat bags are also a great way to transport your mat. In addition to making them easier to carry, they add some protection to the mat. They also provide pockets to carry small valuables such as keys, cellphones and wallets. Here are two suggestions: Batik Yoga Mat Bag and Uinta Mat Bag.
  3. Yoga Blocks: Depending on your newbie friend’s flexibility, at least one yoga block might be a good addition to the beginner yoga gift package. (Some poses require two blocks.) Yoga blocks can provide support in a variety of poses. While most studios have own yoga blocks, again, it’s nice to have your own. Here’s a post that describes three of the many ways you can use yoga blocks. If you want to check out some of the other options for using blocks, click this link, How to Use Yoga Blocks. This link suggests some good choices for beginning yogis.
  4. Yoga Strap: Yoga straps are another basic tool for yoga practice. Like all yoga props, they can be essential for beginners, but there are plenty of ways experienced yogis can use them to create more integrity in their poses. Here’s a link to some articles about using yoga straps. Check out this link for some suggestions for good straps to start with.
  5. Eye Pillow: An eye pillow is a nice luxury gift to give a friend, whether they practice yoga or not. Of course, they’re perfect for restorative yoga and for Savasana, but they’re for other times too. Eye pillows come in three fillings: plastic beads, flax seeds and flax seeds with lavender.
  6. Yoga Bolster: If the yoga newbie on your list is planning on practicing a quieter, more relaxed style of yoga, such as restorative yoga, a yoga bolster is a thoughtful gift. Hugger Mugger’s yoga bolsters are renowned for their stability, durability and comfort. They’re handmade right here in our Salt Lake City-based facility and come in solid or patterned fabrics. Here’s a whole slew of posts on how to use yoga bolsters.
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