V-Shaped Meditation Cushion for Comfort

This entry was posted on Mar 3, 2017 by Charlotte Bell.

V-Shaped Meditation Cushion

Round meditation cushions—zafus—are standard fare in most yoga and meditation spaces. For many people, these cushions do the job. They elevate the pelvis to make it easier to sit with a relaxed, straight spine.

But for some, especially for those with hip joints that easily externally rotate, the contact point where your thighs hang off the edge of the cushion can get uncomfortable, especially in long sittings. That’s why Hugger Mugger designed the V-Shaped Meditation Cushion.

How do you know if you have hip joints that externally rotate easily? Sit cross-legged on a folded blanket (3-5 inches thick). Are your knees lower than your hip bones? If so, the V-Shaped Meditation Cushion is a good choice for you. If your knees are higher than your hip bones, the “legs” of the cushion won’t be able to support your legs and knees. Try a zafu, Zen cushion or meditation bench instead.

What Makes the V-Shaped Cushion So Comfortable?

  • Adds height under your pelvis so that your spine can maintain its natural curves.
  • The legs of the cushion give gentle, continuous support for your thighs.
  • The zippered opening in the cushion allows you to customize the amount of organic buckwheat filling to your own sitting position.

The V-Shaped Cushions are covered in upholstery-grade fabrics in solid colors and prints. All are filled with organic buckwheat and include a convenient handle for transport. These cushions are handmade in our Salt Lake City-based manufacturing plant.

On a personal note, I bought my V-Shaped Meditation Cushion from Hugger Mugger in 1998 and have used it daily ever since. I’ve brought this along to many long meditation retreats and have always been very happy I did. These cushions are a great investment and will give you decades of comfort in your meditation practice.

About Charlotte Bell
Charlotte Bell discovered yoga in 1982 and began teaching in 1986. Charlotte is the author of Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life: A Guide for Everyday Practice and Yoga for Meditators, both published by Rodmell Press. Her third book is titled Hip-Healthy Asana: The Yoga Practitioner’s Guide to Protecting the Hips and Avoiding SI Joint Pain (Shambhala Publications). She writes a monthly column for CATALYST Magazine and serves as editor for Yoga U Online. Charlotte is a founding board member for GreenTREE Yoga, a non-profit that brings yoga to underserved populations. A lifelong musician, Charlotte plays oboe and English horn in the Salt Lake Symphony and folk sextet Red Rock Rondo, whose DVD won two Emmy awards in 2010.

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