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We at HuggerMugger are deeply concerned with the environment and with treating it with respect. We cannot live without it, but we as a global population can do so much more to ensure that its survival and ours along with it.
  • Another reason for BPA-Free Water Bottles for Yoga

    BPA Contributes to Love Handles The bad news on BPA just keeps rolling in. Lynn Johnson Hasselberger, of myEarth blog, just posted an article on how BPA might be contributing to America's love handles. Studies show that rats whose mothers were exposed to BPA while pregnant suffered disrupted metabolic function that resulted in higher rates of obesity once out of the womb. This occurred despite their eating a healthy diet after their births. BPA is a well-known hormone disruptor, and has been implicated in heart disease, diabetes and reproductive problems. It is found in many products:  Bottled water, plastic linings...

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  • Sustainable Yoga for Earth Day

    Sometimes yoga practice energizes me, and sometimes I feel tired afterward. So, sometimes my practice replenishes my energies and at other times, it depletes them. If one of the purposes of hatha yoga (the combination of asana and pranayama) is to replenish the prana we use up in the process of living our daily lives, how can we best utilize our practice to generate energy rather than to deplete it?

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