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Yoga Trends

What’s the latest and greatest in yoga culture? Find out what we think, or let us know what you think.
  • Tips for Practicing Yoga Outdoors

    Take Your Yoga Outdoors! Practicing yoga outside in the sunshine is idyllic. Maybe there’s a gentle breeze flowing, or you’re so close to the ocean, you can feel the wind off the waves. A change of scenery can shift your perspective, and inspire profound reflection. But what happens when it’s so hot outside, you can’t even touch your mat? Dark colored mats get really hot in the direct sun. Suddenly you’re not reveling in the fresh air, or the scenery. You’re looking for the nearest shade, or the nearest bodega where you can buy a cool drink. If you are...

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  • Is Yoga at a Turning Point?

    Asana Means “Seat” Is Western Yoga at a Turning Point? Joseph Goldstein sometimes recounts his meditation adventures in his dharma talks. In one particular talk, he spoke of a time when he was sitting in meditation and rather enjoying a long thinking jag. In the midst of being thoroughly absorbed in thoughts and reveries, he remembered where he was and what he’d intended to be doing. This prompted him to give himself, as he says, “a little talking to.” He asked himself the question, “Do you want to think, or do you want to be free?” This story has...

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