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Review Details

Cotton Yoga Rug

Product Review (submitted on November 24, 2018):
I love these rugs and I have several of them. They add extra traction for Hot and Vinyasa style yoga. If you're looking for a little extra cushion, they can be used in conjunction with any style yoga mat (and at 74", they totally cover most). They rugs themselves are beautiful, durable, and thick--they feel good to the feet. No matter if you do yoga on a thick mat or thin, rubber, or poly, or just on the bare floor--each type of surface is going to give you a different type of "feedback" in your practice. These can be used alone of course, but having them also allows you to pair them with differing mats which creates a unique feedback for each paring. I find that very valuable. Finally, these rugs are washable. I wash them with an agitator free washer with 1/2 the amount of detergent I would use on a similar size item. When you wash them the first time, IF colors bleed (only once for me), just scrub the effected area with detergent and wash them again. I always hang dry. Hugger Mugger has excellent products across the board! I've never gotten a sub-par product from them and they have excellent customer service!