Meditation Bench

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This folding birch meditation bench provides comfort and support for those who prefer to sit in a kneeling position.

This item is handmade. Please allow 4-6 additional business days to ship.

Color: Olive
Made in USAMade in USA
Hand MadeHand Made

  • Dimensions: 8" x 19" x 8"
  • Weight: 4.7 lb
  • Material: birch wood, 100% cotton cover, foam cushion
  • Made in the USA

This Meditation Bench is made from beautifully-finished birch plywood and features folding legs for easy storage and portability. For added comfort, a one-inch-thick foam cushion tops the bench and is covered with durable cotton fabric that can be removed for cleaning. A drawstring carrying bag with a handle is included.

A bench is a great tool for people who prefer to kneel during meditation. Some people experience knee discomfort when they sit crosslegged in Sukhasana, but kneeling on a bench during meditation usually alleviates this problem.

If you have a tendency to get tired when you meditate, a Meditation Bench might be a good choice. In short, sitting on a bench can, for some people, increase your energy level.


Handmade in the USA, cotton cover. Birch wood is a natural, sustainable, renewable material.

  • Folding legs
  • One-inch foam cushion
  • Removable, washable cotton cover
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Handmade with love in the USA

Wipe down or spot clean with a damp cloth. To deep clean, remove cushion cover and hand wash with cold water. Wipe down the surface with a gentle wood cleaner.

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Customer Reviews

Posted on 12/27/2022

Highest Quality Bench Around

At first I was put off by the price, but it has been worth it. I know people with cheaper benches that are less comfortable and are not lasting as long. I use this bench daily and it is perfectly shaped and tilted for most meditation practices. I even have a few moving portions in my daily meditation and I have never worried about this bench. Other benches might get worn out quickly or be too unstable to include gentle movement in my meditations but this bench is perfect. The carrying case is also amazing.
Posted on 4/15/2020

Fair Value, Good Product

I have owned this exact bench for about 6 years, and it is still in excellent condition. I recommend it for a simple but sturdy option for a portable seiza bench. Pros: Good cushion; Constructed from a high-quality plywood that prevents warping and such; Easy to bring along for intensives. Cons: A bit of a learning curve on how to shift your weight on it.
Posted on 11/11/2019


I love my bench! Very supporting and when I have company over to my house everyone insists on trying it. I love that its handmade in the USA too! Awesome for my meditation practice. No more knee pain! Yay!
Posted on 2/10/2019

Great Bench

I bought this bench for my husband 5 months ago because of his tight hips and his need for something taller than a Zafu cushion. It has been fantastic—he loves it. He hasn't had any difficulty with the legs collapsing, so perhaps it's a matter of minimizing lateral motions. He doesn't appear to my eye to be particularly stationary in meditation or on the bench in general, so I think there is a reasonable amount of stability for small to medium meditator motions without leg collapse. As a bonus, dog fur can be vacuumed off the cushion quite well.

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