Piccolo Silk Eyebag with Flaxseed Filling

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A smaller, lighter, scent-free eyebag.

Made in USA
Hand Made
  • Size: 3" x 7" x 1"
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Material: Silk bag with removable silk cover filled with organic flaxseeds
  • Country or Origin: Made in the USA

A smaller, lighter, scent-free eyebag. Our Piccolo Eyebags soothe tension in the eyes and brow. Their lighter weight makes them a great choice for people who wear contact lenses or prefer less weight than our regular eyebags. These bags are filled with organic flaxseeds and have a cover that’s removable for handwashing.

• Blocks light in Savasana • Light weight relaxes forehead and eyes, doesn’t interfere with contact lenses • Flaxseed filling is scent free


Benefits: All types of yoga Place over eyes in final relaxation pose HANDMADE – Please allow 4-6 additional business days to ship.

Care Instructions
Remove outercover. Handwash and hang to dry.

Customer Reviews

Posted on 8/06/2020
Love the Smaller Size & Weight
The normal sized eyebag is a bit too heavy, this one is perfect!

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