Piccolo Silk Eyebag with Herbal Filling

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A smaller, lighter eyebag for people who wear contact lenses or prefer less weight on their eyes.

Made in USA
Hand Made
  • Size: 3" x 7" x 1"
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Material: Silk bag with removable silk cover filled organic flaxseed, lavender, orange peel and peppermint
  • Made in the USA

Our Piccolo Eyebags soothe tension in the eyes and brow. Their lighter weight makes them a great choice for people who wear contact lenses or prefer less weight than our regular eyebags. These bags are filled with organic flaxseeds, lavender, orange peel and peppermint, and have a cover that’s removable for handwashing.

• Blocks light in Savasana • Light weight relaxes forehead and eyes, doesn’t interfere with contact lenses • Herbal filling promotes relaxation Benefits: All types of yoga place over eyes in final relaxation pose HANDMADE – Please allow 4-6 additional business days to ship.

Care Instructions

Remove outer cover. Handwash and hang to dry.

Customer Reviews

Posted on 8/06/2020
Eye Pillow
The eye pillow is beautiful and has a lovely aroma; however, it is much smaller than I had expected and thus lighter weight as well - all based on previous eye pillows I have owned in the past. It seems like this one would be better fitted for a small child.
Posted on 8/06/2020
Too Small
I would have returned it but is was too much of a hassle.
Posted on 8/06/2020
Great eyebag!
I teach yoga and provide eyebags for my students during Savasana. I love the regular eyebags but they don't work for everyone. Some people find that the regular ones give them temporarily blurry vision, and people with contact lenses don't like the heavier bags. These small bags are perfect for everyone. I love the fact that it's constructed without a zipper, but you can wash the outer cover. This is great for studios, because it's important to wash them regularly. Overall, a great idea and great product.
Posted on 8/06/2020
Love this eyebag
I think this is a great new lightweight eyebag. I love its weight and its removable cover. ilike that there is no zipper, and I like the silk fabric.

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