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Meditation Cushion

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Meditation Cushion

The unique, gentle slope of this crescent-shaped meditation cushion provides amazing support for your hips and thighs.

  • Vintage Currant Vintage Currant
  • Fiery Sol Fiery Sol
  • Bohemian Ikat Bohemian Ikat
  • Indigo Ikat Indigo Ikat
  • Midnight Flurry Midnight Flurry
  • Night Flight Night Flight

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Our V-Shaped Cushions are designed to promote healthy posture and support your legs in sitting meditation. This cushion's unique design allows you to bring your feet in close in a cross-legged position—it is a great alternative for those who do not love the feel of a Zafu. All Hugger Mugger meditation cushions are handmade with love in the USA, filled with organic buckwheat hulls that conform to your body.

  • Handmade with love in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Slanted shape promotes healthy sitting posture
  • Organic buckwheat hull filling conforms to your body
  • Zipper allows you to adjust filling to meet your unique needs
  • Convenient handle for carrying
  • Unique V-Shape supports your legs in cross-legged sitting

HANDMADE - please allow 3-4 extra business days to ship


Dimensions: 6" x 24" x 17"
Weight: 7.5 lb
Material: Organic buckwheat hull filling. Cover materials vary:
  • Bohemian Ikat: 100% cotton
  • Fiery Sol: 100% cotton
  • Indigo Ikat: 100% cotton
  • Midnight Flurry: 100% polyester
  • Night Flight: 100% cotton
  • Vintage Currant: 100% polyester
Handmade in the USA

Eco Properties:
Handmade in the USA, filled with organic buckwheat hulls

Care Instructions:
Spot clean. For deep cleaning, empty buckwheat hulls into a bowl. Hand wash cover and hang to dry. Replace filling when completely dry.


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Great shape for back and knees
I have been a yogini for 15+ years. A few years ago, I suffered a severe back injury that required emergency surgery. Obviously, because of the surgery my flexibility changed dramatically. I now need to use cushions for comfort and support. Both, the slight angle of this particular cushion and the V-shape give me the exact support I need for my back and surprisingly, my knees. I find this V-shape sturdier and more comfortable then the zen cushion I used for years. This cushion even allows me to bring the soles of my feet closer to my inner thighs when I am in easy pose which I find more comfortable. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent. Try this cushion, I think your knees and back will thank you. Mine do.
Product Rating
Review by Mira / (Posted on 12/10/2017)
First, I love the ikat fabric, so it's aesthetically pleasing. What surprised me was what the shape allows. I use my v-shaped cushion as a bolster for restorative yoga. The gradual slant provides a different kind of support than traditional bolsters. Under the shoulders, it's a wonderful heart opener (with support for your arms!) I'm experimenting with it and finding fun ways to use it. It's really comfy and supportive under the hips. Super sturdy and well made.
Product Rating
Review by Jodi / (Posted on 9/24/2015)