Yomassage x Hugger Mugger Yoga Massage Kit – EZ Clean



Find the essential props for Yomassage® in this comprehensive EZ Clean kit.

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Find the essential props for Yomassage® in this comprehensive kit.

This restorative kit is exactly what you need to get started in your Yomassage® Therapist or Mindful Touch™ training. Hugger Mugger and Yomassage® have collaborated on this prop kit that is perfect for creating comfort and relaxation in the restorative positions used in these practices.

The EZ Clean Standard Bolsters can be easily wiped down and is the exact size, shape, and firmness needed to support clients and allow them to find deep relaxation, the 4″ Foam Blocks are beveled on the edges to ensure comfort when used under the knees or other sensitive areas, and the Deluxe Wool Blankets are thick enough to provide the needed height for clients to get super comfortable. These quality props will provide years of comfort and support.

The EZ Clean Yomassage Kit includes two EZ Clean Standard Bolsters in Taupe, two Marbled Foam 4” Blocks in Storm, and two Deluxe Wool Yoga Blankets in Gray.

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