TreeUtah and Hugger Mugger Plant Trees

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The HM Team Diggin’ It

Hugger Mugger Joins TreeUtah in Restoring Redwood Nature Area

Last summer we at Hugger Mugger chose the Utah nonprofit organization TreeUtah to be our beneficiary for the summer quarter. Now in its 23rd year, TreeUtah plants thousands of trees each year with the help of thousands of volunteers from around the state. On Saturday, April 13th, a group from Hugger Mugger hiked out to the Redwood Nature Area to help reforest the former wetland.

The Jordan River used to flood the area every year, making it a natural wetland that was both a home for and a stopping-off point in the annual migrations of a number of bird species. In order to stem the flooding, the city rerouted the Jordan River. Over the decades, the area dried out and hundreds of trees died.

Over the past 15 years, the county has restored much of the Jordan River area. TreeUtah has been a big part of this restoration project. In the years since they began planting trees in the Redwood Nature Area, the young trees they’ve planted in the area have begun to take hold and migrating birds have returned.


Tree Pose: Our Freshly Planted Cottonwood Tree

Last Saturday’s project focused on planting five four-year-old narrow-leafed cottonwood trees and to dig berms around some 50 or so saplings they planted in the area last year. Our team dug a hole about six feet wide and three feet deep to accommodate one of the Cottonwood trees. The trees were large and rather unwieldy, but with the guidance—and muscle—of a few strong guys, including HM’s Kyle Hunt, his wife Marci, HM’s Monique Miller, Matt Wilson of Coldwell Banker and TreeUtah’s Ross Chambliss, the tree now stands in its new home where it will hopefully live a long, healthy life.

Thanks to TreeUtah for inviting us on this adventure!

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