Direct Relief: Medical Aid for Disaster-Torn Populations

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direct reliefMother Nature had a ferocious fall. Three massive hurricanes reigned destruction on parts of Texas and Florida, and most, if not all of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. California wildfires were the most ferocious in history. And Central Mexico sustained massive damage from a 7.1-magnitude earthquake.

Any one of these disasters would require an overwhelming amount of aid. But when so many disasters occur within a short period, the ability to render significant help is stretched very thin. And there’s much confusion over which organizations are capable of helping most efficiently.

Hugger Mugger has chosen to donate a percentage of our net profits from October through December to Direct Relief International. Direct Relief is rated with four stars—the highest rating given by Charity Navigator. A full 99.4 percent of its donations go directly to aid.


Founded in 1948, DirectRelief began as the William Zimdin Foundation. Zimdin, an Estonian immigrant to California, fled Europe after being targeted by Hitler after characterizing the dictator as a “dangerous fool.” Zimdin began the foundation as a way to help post-war Europeans help themselves, providing loans to help people reestablish themselves.

By the 1950s and 1960s, requests began flooding in from around the world for medical assistance to underserved populations. The organization, by then renamed as Direct Relief, decided that providing medical assistance to underserved populations would have the greatest overall impact. Since then the organization has provided emergency relief to refugees and medically underserved populations around the world.

Direct Relief Now

In October of this year alone, Direct Relief has provided medical supplies, including a 76-ton shipment on October 17th, to Puerto Rico. They have helped partner organization Mexfam procure tents, medical supplies and food for Mexican people displaced by the earthquakes. Since the California wildfires began, Direct Relief has, so far, made 17 deliveries to the California Offices of Emergency Services and Public Health. In addition they have partnered with HOPE hospital to bring health care to Rohinga refugees in Bangladesh.

How You Can Help

Direct Relief encourages online donations. You can choose to focus your donation on relief for Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico, the California wildfires, or the Mexico earthquakes, or you can request that your donation go where it’s most needed. There are other ways to give as well, including donating time, hosting a fundraiser, donating vehicles or planned giving, among many choices.

From now through December 31st, a percentage your Hugger Mugger purchases will go to help Direct Relief’s work around the world.



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