Para Rubber XL Yoga Mat

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A dream come true for yogis seeking a practice space that is longer, wider, and maintains the rich, dense Para Rubber texture you’ve come to know and love.

The Para Rubber XL Mat features two sides with two different grippy textures. Take your practice to the next level with this mat’s unmatched stability and support.


  • Dimensions: 78" x 28" x 1/4"
  • Weight: 10.0 lb
  • Material: Natural Rubber (do not use if you have a latex allergy)
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Cell Structure: Open-Cell

The extra large version of this teacher’s favorite features a natural, nonslip surface that brings a more connected feeling to your practice. Tall yogis will love this extra long, extra wide mat.

Made with natural rubber, this eco-friendly mat features two different dry-grip textures. The striated side is covered in tiny rubber bumps that hold you perfectly in place, while the opposite side has a woven-like, rubbery super-grip that’s great for hot yoga.

A key feature of the Para Rubber XL Yoga Mat is its dense rubber cushioning. With a 1/4-inch thickness, this mat is stable and sturdy, and feels amazing under sensitive knees and wrists. It is available in regular and XL size to provide a perfect option for every practice.



If you love the planet, you will love this eco-friendly mat. It is made with sustainable rubber, which comes from renewable, non-Amazon sources. It is extremely durable and will be a reliable part of your practice for years to come!

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  • Extra-large 78”x 28” surface
  • Superior, non-slip grip on both sides
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced renewable rubber
  • 1/4″ thickness with excellent cushion and shock absorption
  • Streaked with a colorful, serene pattern
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Do not use if you have a latex allergy
  • Also available in regular size


To clean, use a mat wash or wipe the surface down with a warm, wet towel. Air-dry out of direct sunlight. Do not machine wash or soak in water. Color will fade if kept in direct sunlight.

Some people can be sensitive to the smell of natural rubber. It will become less noticeable after the mat has been aired out and wiped down for a few days, and will continue to dissipate over time.

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Customer Reviews

Posted on 12/23/2022

The BEST Yoga Mat!!!

If you prefer a larger yoga mat, this is probably the best yoga mat you can buy. I did a lot of research before investing in this mat, and I am very pleased with my purchase. I love using this yoga mat! For reference, I practice power or vinyasa yoga six days a week in a slightly heated room (so no pouring sweat like in hot yoga). Some things to be aware of before you buy this mat: - Size: the dimensions of this mat are stated in the description. It's slightly larger than other mats. - Weight: this mat weighs 10 pounds (4.54 kg) - if this is too heavy for you, there is a smaller version of this mat - Thickness: this mat is slightly thicker than other yoga mats, but it provides a stable, firmer cushioning that feels very supportive. It's not a soft, squishy cushioning. I have no problems doing standing balancing poses while one foot is standing on this mat. - Texture / Grip: I have no problems with my hands or feet slipping in downward dog when I am slightly sweaty. - Rubber Smell: like all other natural rubber mats, a new mat will smell. I just aired out the mat in a well-ventilated space away from direct sunlight for several days and wiped it down with a warm, damp towel as directed in the care instructions. I am very sensitive to smells and have no issue doing child's pose on this mat after airing it out. - Color / Design: I bought the River (blue) color and there is hardly any white streaking as depicted in the photos. The mat still looks fine without the streaking. The color is nice and falls somewhere between cornflower blue + blue-gray. Country of Origin: this mat is made in Taiwan. I have bought other rubber yoga mats made in Taiwan and they were all well made and lasted for a reasonable amount of time. This mat definitely seems well made and I expect it to last for at least a year. If you practice yoga regularly and are looking for a high-quality yoga mat and prefer / don't mind a larger and heavier mat, this is truly a great mat.
Posted on 5/28/2021

Feels Amazing, Rubber Smell DOES Go Away

I am 6'1" and it's great having a longer mat to work with. The cushioning is great for my arthritis and it takes a TON of sweat before I start to feel any slide. I only took 1 star away because the box it got shipped in looked like it got in a fight with the mailman and the rubber odor is INTENSE. Luckily the product wasn't damaged in any way. When I started using it my hands would smell like rubber the rest of the day. GOOD NEWS the odor will subside after regular use. No surprise that if you purchase something made of rubber it's gonna smell like rubber. If Hugger Mugger comes up with ideas on how to clean/help with the odor that could be amazing. Highly recommend the mat if you can handle the rubber smell.
Posted on 9/24/2020

Great Mat

I love the mat but can’t get rid of the rubber smell. I have had it for two weeks and hope it will dissipate soon. Other than that it is a great mat.
Posted on 8/19/2020

Great Mat, Weird Smell

This mat works perfectly for yoga and burpees. My only complaint is the rubber odor coming off the mat. I have continued to clean it and it has yet to dissipate.

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