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Traveling Yogi

Jodi Mardesich is a yoga teacher who loves to travel. In her travels, she seeks out yoga studios and teachers. Here are her thoughts on what she’s found.
  • The Yoga of Surrender in Sayulita

    The Yoga of Surrender Sayulita is a small, laid-back fishing village about 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s the perfect place for a honeymoon if you just want to be on a tropical beach and do as little as possible. In our vast, open schedule, I imagined we would find time for lots of yoga classes, but that was not to be. First, there was the food poisoning—from the airport in Salt Lake City, which struck before we even landed. Then, I got the kind of cold that hits when you can finally let down your guard after...

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  • Tips for Practicing Yoga Outdoors

    Take Your Yoga Outdoors! Practicing yoga outside in the sunshine is idyllic. Maybe there’s a gentle breeze flowing, or you’re so close to the ocean, you can feel the wind off the waves. A change of scenery can shift your perspective, and inspire profound reflection. But what happens when it’s so hot outside, you can’t even touch your mat? Dark colored mats get really hot in the direct sun. Suddenly you’re not reveling in the fresh air, or the scenery. You’re looking for the nearest shade, or the nearest bodega where you can buy a cool drink. If you are...

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  • MC Yogi Rocks Urban Flow Yoga Studio

    MC Yogi Rocks Urban Flow Yoga As soon as I found out I was heading to San Francisco for a work event, I looked into taking another class from Rusty Wells at Urban Flow Yoga. “If Rusty Wells started a cult, chances are I’d join it,” someone named Khanjera tweeted recently. If I lived in San Francisco, I’d probably be a regular at Urban Yoga for Rusty’s deep, sweaty, lovey and chanting-infused classes. Rusty wasn’t on the schedule that day, but MC Yogi was subbing for him! Sweet! Urban Flow Yoga is only six-and-a-half blocks from the hotel where...

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  • Santacon and Jivamukti — Lessons in Sangha

    Jivamukti Yoga Santacon and Jivamukti — Lessons in Sangha We were late to getting to class, again. On a Saturday morning in December, instead of hopping off the subway at Union Square for the quick walk to YogaWorks for Chrissy Carter’s class, my boyfriend and I stayed on the subway a little longer and headed to Jivamukti. Just after 10:30 a.m., we saw our first of many Santas. There was definitely a side of me rooting for Santacon pub crawling over yoga. People dress up as Santas (and elves and reindeer), and progress through neighborhoods, drinking yes, but also...

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  • Yoga Deva: A Yoga Nomad’s Home Away from Home

    Yoga Deva:  A Yoga Nomad’s Home Away from Home Toward the end of a road trip to spend Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family in Gilbert, Arizona, we snuck away to a yoga class. We had searched online for a place to practice, but by the time we finally left that Saturday morning, we realized we would have been late to the studio we had planned to attend. Everything seems extra spread out in Gilbert and the surrounding towns—mile after mile of strip malls surrounded by gigantic parking lots. Thank Shiva for MindBody, the iPhone app that lists nearby classes by...

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  • The Traveling Yogi: Sunday Kirtan Flow at Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica

    Kirtan Flow at Bhakti Yoga Shala Traveling Yogi is a new periodic feature on our blog. Author Jodi Mardesich loves visiting new studios as she traverses the country. Just a block from the Third Street Promenade in downtown Santa Monica, in a super high rent district (with a Barneys New York Co-op–enough said), sits a small studio called Bhakti Yoga Shala. Small, and more Santa Cruz than Santa Monica, this tiny studio has so much heart. I arrived early for the Sunday 10 am Kirtan Flow class to meet my friend Lo (Y is For Yogini). While waiting for Lo...

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  • The Kosmic Kula of KK Ledford

    The Traveling Yogi Visits KK’s Kosmic Kula How to decide which yoga class to take, or studio to visit, or even which hand-poured coffee to drink when visiting San Francisco? One Sunday morning in June I made the difficult choice (ha) of drinking both Blue Bottle and Ritual Roasters coffee in Hayes Valley before heading to Shakti Church with KK Ledford. KK has a devoted following she calls the Kosmic Kula, or KosKul for short. My friend Dave Atlas, an Anusara devotee, is one of them. Dave told me to meet him at the Ritual Roasters around the corner...

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  • Trance Dance: Shaking Up the Inner Fire

    Trance Dance:  Shaking Up the Inner Fire Sometimes you just need to get away. Last April my friend Danielle and I drove to Moab, Utah, for the last two days of Shiva Rea’s desert retreat. We talked the whole way down, effortlessly, as we meandered down the highways of Utah, stopping to take pictures along the way–of deer antler heaven, decrepit houses and barns, yoga altars, and gorgeous majestic red rock formations–all the way unwinding. We didn’t know that Saturday night’s class was trance dance. When we found out, we weren’t thrilled. But sometimes isn’t that the way we...

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