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  • Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Yoga Props

    On April 22, 1970, the modern environmental movement was born. The very first Earth Day, conceived by then-Senator Gaylord Nelson, drew 20 million activists from all over the U.S. who took to streets, parks and university campuses to protest environmental degradation and advocate for environmental stewardship. Forty-eight years later millions of people in 192 countries all around the world celebrate Earth Day. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “End Plastic Pollution.” Plastic is everywhere—in toys, packaging and tools we use every day. Petroleum-based plastic waste clogs our landfills and streams, threatens marine life and disrupts human hormones. Because...

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  • Anjaneyasana: Reach for the Sun

    As a child, Anjaneya was a tad over-confident. Considering his origins, this is hardly unexpected. Born to Anjana (a supernatural woman) and Kesari (king of the monkeys), he had magical powers and royalty in his genetic inheritance. On top of all that, he was godson to the wind god, Vayu, and was considered to be a reincarnation of Lord Shiva. So when he gazed upward one day and mistook the sun for a glowing piece of fruit, he naturally decided to make a giant leap for it, hoping to snatch it out of the sky. This he did repeatedly, unharmed...

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  • Meatless Monday: Spring Asparagus Tart

    There are so many reasons to love spring: longer days, blossoming trees, shedding layers and of course, asparagus. Organic asparagus abounds right now. I’ve been enjoying adding it to lots of meals. So far I’ve made asparagus hash for breakfast, added it to stir fries and served it roasted as a side. Today’s Meatless Monday recipe puts asparagus front and center. This asparagus tart is easy to assemble and holds the HM blog record for the recipe with the smallest number of ingredients. It looks a whole lot fancier than it actually is, so it’s a good recipe for company...

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  • TreeUtah: Building Community by Planting Trees

    When the Mormon pioneers first glimpsed the Salt Lake valley, it’s said that in addition to the huge, salty lake, there was a single tree in the entire valley. In response, the pioneers got busy planting acres of trees of all kinds. These newly planted trees provided not only fruit, but oxygen, shade and of course, beauty. Trees are, in fact, our partners on the planet. Through photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. A single tree can absorb up to 330 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, while providing enough oxygen for a whole family. As an integral thread...

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  • Let Yoga Blocks Make These 3 Poses Even Better

    Yoga blocks were invented by B.K.S. Iyengar decades ago. Iyengar is best known as the first widely known yoga teacher to emphasize alignment in asana practice. Yoga blocks were one of the tools he developed to help practitioners align their bodies—and therefore, calm their minds. Hugger Mugger began manufacturing and selling yoga blocks in the 1980s. We took Iyengar’s original dimensions—4"x6"x9"—and crafted our own blocks. (HM’s founder, Sara Chambers, was a woodworker before she started the company.) Back then, all yoga blocks were made from wood. Many of them were solid pine, and as a result, super heavy. Not only...

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  • Prasarita Padottanasana: Breathe Like a Starfish

    Our limbs include not only our arms and legs, but also the tailbone and the head. Way back at a time few of us remember, all our nutrients came to us through our navels and then radiated out to all our limbs. Through the umbilical cord, we took in nourishment and oxygen that was then distributed to the outlying areas of our bodies. For our first six months or so outside the womb, our bodies imitated this starfish-like breathing pattern, termed navel radiation. Navel radiation helped us unfurl our limbs so that we could begin to move about the world...

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  • Meatless Monday: Gingery Cauliflower Curry

    Do you like ginger? If so, this cauliflower curry is for you. I’ve been cooking meatlessly for decades, including lots of recipes that include minced ginger. But these recipes generally call for a tablespoon or two at the most. I did a double take when I saw 1/2 cup of minced ginger in this recipe’s ingredient list. Good thing I love ginger. One thing I love about cooking Indian-style food is the opportunity to try new flavors. This cauliflower curry uses a spice that I didn’t have in my cabinet—amchoor or amchur, dried green mango powder. Its sweet, fruity flavor...

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  • Handmade at Hugger Mugger

    So many things we buy these days are made in huge factories halfway around the world. It’s increasingly rare that we can actually meet and get to know the artisans who make the things we use every day. This is not so, however, here at Hugger Mugger. Since the very beginning, our handmade yoga products have been an integral part of our business. Almost everything on our website that’s made from fabric is crafted by full-time specialists here in our facility. Many of Hugger Mugger’s artisans have worked here for many years. We have a team of sewing specialists that...

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  • Virasana: Hero Pose

    Hanuman, the monkey god, is one of yoga mythology’s most celebrated characters. His story is prominent in the Ramanayana, and he also plays a brief role in the Bhagavad Gita. He’s most famous for leaping from India to Sri Lanka to save Sita (wife of Rama). For this feat Hanuman merited a yoga pose in his name, Hanumanasana (a.k.a. splits). According to an article in Yoga International by Indian mythology expert, Zo Newell, for his strength, valor and courage, Hanuman was sometimes called “Vir Hanuman.” Here’s what Zo has to say about Hanuman and Virasana: “Hanuman, the monkey superhero of...

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  • Meatless Monday: Lentil Soup with Cashew Cream

    I use my pressure cooker all the time to cook dried beans. The long cooking times for most legumes can lead one to using canned beans. Using a pressure cooker cuts the time way down. Lentils and split peas cook quickly though, so I’ve always cooked them from scratch. Until last week, I never considered pressure cooking lentils. I decided to try pressure cooking when I read this recipe in The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison. The title intrigued me: Lentil Soup with Walnut-Marjoram Cream in the Pressure Cooker. Truth be told, it was the walnut-marjoram cream...

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