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Yoga & Meditation Products

This category contains all discussions that surround the use of various types of products in all different kinds of yoga and meditation practices. These products can be as familiar as mats, or as exotic as bolsters, pillows, and other accessories.
  • Firm and Soft: The Perfect Yoga Bolster

    If your idea of Restorative Yoga comes only from photos you’ve seen of it—looks boring, you say—your view is likely not accurate. While it’s true that Restorative Yoga does involve lying around on blankets and a yoga bolster for long periods of time, it’s anything but boring. Setting your body up in supported positions that you can then hold for long periods requires knowledge, body awareness and a pile of props. The results can be profound. Restorative Yoga practitioners know its powers well. Restorative practice provides something we all could use in our non-stop lives—deep rest. It is both relaxing and...

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  • 3 Yoga Bolsters, 3 Poses to Restore Your Energy

    Last week, we passed Autumn Equinox. Days are definitely shortening. I gauge this by whether—or when—I have to turn the lights on in my yoga classes. It’s just dark enough in my early morning class that natural light doesn’t suffice. We can still make it through the evening classes with just the sun, but it won’t be long. As the days shorten, we naturally draw inward. After a summer of outdoor fun, fall gives us a chance to burrow in and restore our energies. And of course, Restorative Yoga practice is a healthy way to renew ourselves. In my opinion...

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  • Pranayama Yoga Bolsters 3 Ways

    When we think of pranayama (breathing practice), our minds often conjure up a vision of someone sitting in Padmasana (Lotus Pose) or Sukhasana (Cross-Legged Pose). While pranayama has traditionally been practiced in a seated position, BKS Iyengar, master of props and adaptations, determined that sitting was not the best position for everyone. To accommodate these students, Iyengar came up with a way to allow practitioners to practice in a supine position. Placing a pranayama pillow under the spine from the lumbar to the head, and a blanket supporting the head and neck (see the above photo), any practitioner, no matter what their body...

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  • Yoga Practice Rugs — Not Just for Ashtangis

    Ashtanga Yoga, developed by the late Patabhi Jois, is the foundation for many current popular yoga styles. Vinyasa styles such as Power Yoga and Flow Yoga were inspired by Ashtanga’s continuously flowing sun salutation variations. While most practitioners use nonskid yoga mats for stability, in Ashtanga practice, Yoga Practice Rugs are the standard. Here’s Why Ashtangis Love Yoga Practice Rugs In Ashtanga, it is traditional to jump from one pose to the next in some parts of the sequences. Practicing jump-throughs on a nonskid mat can be hazardous if your foot—or feet—stick to your mat mid-jump. Ashtanga Yoga is a...

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  • Pranayama Bolster: Not Just for Pranayama

    Do you practice pranayama? The fourth limb of yoga—coming just after asana—pranayama is an essential part of Hatha Yoga practice. Practicing with attention to the breath is one of the things that separates yoga from other physical disciplines. Pranayama is a slow build. Unlike asana, where people often feel immediate results, breathing practice integrates more gradually. For this reason, many practitioners lose interest. Plus, it can be very frustrating. It can be harder than you’d think to take a deep, satisfying breath. Breathing deeply is especially challenging when we’re sitting. That’s why BKS Iyengar devised a way to practice lying...

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  • V-Shaped Meditation Cushion for Comfort

    Round meditation cushions—zafus—are standard fare in most yoga and meditation spaces. For many people, these cushions do the job. They elevate the pelvis to make it easier to sit with a relaxed, straight spine. But for some, especially for those with hip joints that easily externally rotate, the contact point where your thighs hang off the edge of the cushion can get uncomfortable, especially in long sittings. That’s why Hugger Mugger designed the V-Shaped Meditation Cushion. How do you know if you have hip joints that externally rotate easily? Sit on a folded blanket (3-5 inches thick). Are your knees...

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  • How Yoga Sandbags Can Help You Deepen Practice

    Sometimes just the right adjustment from a trusted teacher brings about a breakthrough in your practice. A gentle tug on your shoulders in a back bend can open up new breathing space. Or a gentle weight on your upper thighs in Supine Hero’s Pose can relieve back strain. But our teachers don’t join us in our home practice. How can we enjoy the same kind of opening and release when we practice alone? Yoga Sandbags can help. Yoga Sandbags are a longtime staple in Iyengar Yoga practice. Like other familiar yoga props such as blocks, straps and bolsters, Yoga Sandbags...

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  • Junior Bolsters: 3 Luxurious Restoratives

    If you have an idea about what yoga bolsters should look like, think again. While the flat-topped Standard Bolster stands in for most uses, sometimes a different size and shape can make all the difference. That’s why Hugger Mugger developed Junior Bolsters. These bolsters were originally designed to create an alternative for adults with smaller bodies. But in the decade since they first came on the market, we’ve found lots of other uses for them, no matter what your body type. Junior Bolsters are the same length and firmness as Standard and Round bolsters, but they are narrower in width...

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  • Cork Wedge: Help for Wrists and Ankles

    Whether you practice Hatha, Vinyasa or Kundalini yoga, at times your hands and wrists will be called upon to bear your weight. Some poses require more bendiness in the wrists and ankles than is healthy for most people. A Cork Wedge can give you the support you need to keep your wrists and ankles safe and healthy. Truth is, our hands and wrists are not really designed to support our body weight, at least not repeatedly or for long periods of time. Our hands and wrists are actually very complicated, comprised of small, delicate bones, ligaments and tendons. They are...

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  • Three Ways to Sit on a Zen Meditation Cushion

    Finding your ideal meditation position can be harder than you’d think. We’ve all seen images of loincloth-clad yogis sitting in Lotus Pose—often touted as the “perfect” meditation position. Truth is, not everyone’s hips are capable of the external rotation required to do Lotus. And even if you have hips that can do Lotus easily, it can be hard on your knees. The good news is that there are alternatives to Lotus. These days, we recognize the need to vary our posture depending on each person’s needs. It’s important to explore your options. Sitting meditation isn’t easy, and it’s even harder...

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