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White Beans

  • Meatless Monday: Kale White Bean Soup, Fast or Slow

    I got a multicooker for Christmas this year. While I’m quite adept at cooking from scratch (because that’s how I always cook) I’m intrigued with the idea of making scratch cooking even easier. Even though I long ago figured out how to keep mostly even pressure in my stovetop cooker, I have to admit it was nice not having to babysit my beans. There was no switching burners, tweaking the flame, etc. The multicooker keeps even pressure and shuts off when the time is up. I haven’t yet invested in a vegan multicooker cookbook. So I decided to adapt a...

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  • Meatless Monday: White Bean and Lentil Burgers

    Just in time for summer barbecue season, here comes a classic veggie burger. There are lots of great choices for frozen burgers. There are certainly good reasons to take that route sometimes—time, energy, ease. But sometimes it’s fun to make your own. These White Bean and Lentil Burgers are worth the effort. Making burgers can be tricky. When there are lots of dry ingredients in the mix, it’s really common for burgers to fall apart. Many of the store-bought burgers use binding ingredients such as vital wheat gluten to avoid this. But of course, gluten isn’t a healthy food for...

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  • Meatless Monday: Sunchoke Soup

    I’ve only used sunchokes, a.k.a. Jerusalem artichokes, a few times, but I’ve always liked their sweet, nutty flavor. So when I came across today’s recipe, I decided to try it. It’s a timely plus, on the cusp of St. Patrick’s Day, that the recipe is derived from a soup at a Dublin restaurant. This sunchoke soup comes from The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison. I’m pretty sure it’s not in the original version of this venerable cookbook, or I would have found it in my well-worn copy long ago and tried it out. Jerusalem artichokes suffer a...

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  • Meatless Monday: Garlicky White Bean Soup

    Do you like garlic? Do you love the warm, savory fragrance of garlic lingering in your kitchen long after the meal is over? If so, this soup is for you. This recipe comes from the always-reliable Mollie Katzen, author of the classic Moosewood Cookbook and many, many others. This soup is featured in Katzen’s beautiful hardbound book, Heart of the Plate. The book highlights recipes that reflect the current trend of less cheesy and less glutinous vegetarian fare. Katzen’s recipes are always well balanced and flavorful. This one is no exception. I followed the recipe below faithfully except for the fact that...

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