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Sattva Jute Yoga Mat


The combination of natural jute fiber and eco-friendly PER makes our Sattva Jute Yoga Mats strong, supple and sustainable. While this environmentally friendly yoga mat is great for any style of practice, the Jute fiber absorbs moisture, making the Sattva Jute Yoga Mat especially great for hot yoga styles.

• Natural jute and non-slip PER combine to make this mat stable, strong and sustainable

• 1/8" thickness cushions your bones and joints

• Lightweight, easy to transport

• Outstanding grip and moisture absorption, great for Hot Yoga

• Recyclable, renewable, biodegradable


Eco Properties: Made from sustainable, nontoxic materials

Size: 24" x 68"

Thickness: 1/8"

Weight: 2.65lbs


Material: Jute/PER

Latex free


Care Instructions: Spot clean with water only.

  1. Mat is holding up very well after 2 years Review by Old_guy

    I first reviewed this mat almost two years ago. I wanted to update the review because I continue to be very happy with the mat. It has never had the chemical smell that cheaper mats may have. The grassy smell has faded, but the mat is easy to clean and has no sign of a chemical smell. I have used the mat on the average of 2-3 times week for almost 2 years and it is holding up very well. There is a bit of fraying of the jute along the edges, but otherwise very little sign of wear. I am over 200 pounds, so I put extra strain on the mat, especially in split standing poses such as Warrior I and II.
    Looking at the other review, I would not consider this mat reversible; one side is much slicker. I also normally use it with padded gloves and footies, which help with the traction and thinness. I also now often use a a rosin bag or hand grip product which helps with the grip; with my weight I need a bit of extra grip. This mat is thin and so useful for travel. I have upped my scores on the price and value because it has held up so well. (Posted on 11/16/13)

  2. Match Made in Heaven! Review by Yoga_Girl

    This is the mat for me, it has the eco mindedness that I look for in products that I carry around with me and use every day. I used this mat at a yoga studio while I was traveling and forgot my own, when I got home I immediately got one for myself! The material in this mat is unlike other yoga mats that you see people use that jute fibers creates an almost material feel where you don't slide, this has turned in to my travel mat I can fold it up nicely in my suitcase without adding much room! (Posted on 11/12/13)

  3. Very Pretty Mat Review by First Time Mat Buyer

    I guess I made a mistake by buying this Mat. The quality is fine and its a really beautiful looking mat. I didnt realize it was for hot yoga. I should have bought a thicker mat. My yoga instructor said all yoga mats are reversible so I had to flip it a few times as the jute pattern was somewhat painful. I felt as if i were working out on carpet or a car mat. Im 5'9" and it seemed a little small for me. (Posted on 8/16/13)

  4. Avoid the plastic smell Review by Old_guy

    I bought this mat because the I found the plastic smell of cheaper mats disconcerting during a session. This mat has a faint grassy smell, which does not get on ones clothes. It is a bit thin if you have to practice with the mat over a hard floor, so a towel for extra padding is nice to have for some poses. (Posted on 1/8/12)

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