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Tapas® Original 68 in.
Yoga Mat

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Tapas® Original 68 in.
Yoga Mat

Meet the original sticky mat! Proudly made in the USA for almost 30 years, the Tapas® Original is a tried-and-true yoga staple.

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The Tapas® Original Mat provides a perfect combination of function and affordability, and is available in three different lengths to provide options for all yogis and every type of practice. This was the first mat ever created specifically for yoga practice, setting the standard for yoga mats worldwide. It is economical and lightweight, with a sticky surface that keeps you stable in any asana.


Dimensions: 68" x 24" x 1/8"
Weight: 2.4 lb.
Material: Heavy metal & phthalate-free PVC
Made in the USA

Eco Properties:
Long-lasting, contains no heavy metals or phthalates.

Care Instructions:
For maximum traction, wash before first use. Clean with mat wash or a 1:20 solution of mild dish soap and water. Hang to dry.

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Customer Reviews 16 item(s)

Excellent Product
It's my second hugger mugger yoga mat—one for each of two locations. I have liked the first so much, I came back for the 2nd one.
Product Rating
Review by Sam / (Posted on 11/22/2018)
Not the Best....
Even though it seems very sticky my hands slide when I do downward dog and I'm not even sweating. Can't imagine when it gets hot and my hands can sweat. I've had it for a week (used it 1/2 dozen times) and I'm just not sure.
Product Rating
Review by K.C. / (Posted on 10/17/2018)
Affordable, Simple Mat
Love my mat. It is thin, lightweight, comfortable and best of all affordable. Out of my different brands of yoga mats, Hugger Mugger takes the win.
Product Rating
Review by byrkll / (Posted on 9/22/2018)
Awesome mat
I needed a quality mat, made in the USA that is durable. This mat has one side gripping the ground and the other to grip my hands and feet. I use this for my yoga and pilates classes at the local gym here. It has performed to my expectations, thank you Hugger Mugger.
Product Rating
Review by SAW / (Posted on 7/24/2018)
Excellent product that I have been using for the past 20 years
The fact that you had a sale and free shipping for Yoga Day was wonderful and for us retirees that have to be more budget conscious it was a blessing, keep on with that sale.
Product Rating
Review by Tete / (Posted on 7/6/2018)
A Good Product
You are making this request for review longer than I like
Product Rating
Review by Wicki / (Posted on 6/5/2018)
Great Mat
I purchased this mat at my college bookstore and love it. Even though it's only 1/4" thick, it's still nice and cushy. I get great grip, even though I sweat a ton. It's light weight, which is nice for packing on campus, and it's at a great price point. I love this mat!
Product Rating
Review by K503 / (Posted on 5/2/2018)
Packaging was good and I'm happy so far.
Product Rating
Review by Vikki / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
Great mat
I work out 5-6 days a week doing both Piyo and Pilates and I love this mat. I read some reviews saying it was too sticky, I have had no problems with that. Piyo requires you go from standing, jumping and down to burpies with no feet sticking to the mat or hands sliding on the mat and believe me I do a lot of sweating. The cushion is just right for Pilates when your are on your hands and knees. I would definitely recommend this product.
Product Rating
Review by RockinRobin / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
Great grip and feel
I love the thickness of the mat and the grip under my feet and hands is great.
Product Rating
Review by shoogyboom / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
I chose the wrong mat
I purchased the 68" Tapas Original Yoga Mat in Gray. This was the first mat I've ever purchased (because the cheap Target one that stretches when I move doesn't count) and I did a lot of research and tried out several of my friends' mats before making my purchase, but I still think I made the wrong decision.

I've only had the mat about two weeks and used the mat a handful of times so far, so I can't comment on long-term quality. But initial quality seems good. It had a bit of a smell when I got it, but I washed it with a dish soap solution and laid it out for a few days. I can still kind of smell it when my nose is right next to it, but it's fading fast. I don't have a problem with slipping on the mat (as long as I use the right side - when I first laid it out I was slipping all over the place before I realized my mistake).

I wish, however, that I would have bought a longer and thicker mat. I'm only 5'4", so I thought the standard length would be fine, but my toes or nose are often hanging over the ends b/c I must move a lot between my poses. The thickness is okay until I'm doing a lot of poses on my knees. In hindsight, I wish I would have gotten a thicker mat. For now, I'll just throw down and extra towel or blanket or roll over the mat.
Product Rating
Review by tra18232 / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
Economical Solution for My Clients
I ordered two Tapas mats for several of my private clients and they have liked these mats for their Egoscue work. The tackiness is nice – no sliding around on the mat and the size of the mat is suitable. My one concern is that these are pretty thin (as advertised) but clients haven't been bothered by that. I use a thicker Hugger Mugger mat in my yoga practice and prefer it, but for studio use, these mats are fine.
Product Rating
Review by egsocueliz / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
Beautiful mat, amazing price
Love the thin profile, it's got a surprisingly cushy feel to it. I sweat quite a bit so I slipped a little in certain postures, so I bought the Hugger Mugger yoga towel to go with it. For the price this mat is a no brainer. And if you're not a sweater then get this mat now! I did end up scrubbing it down with sea salt and that helped a lot with the slipping issue.
Product Rating
Review by Swolgi Yogi / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
Love This Mat
I have a collection of different mats and this one is excellent as an old favorite. What I like most is that I don't slip on it, at all. Really sticky, even when palms or feet are moist/sweaty. Would buy this again.
Product Rating
Review by Yogaressa / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
It's okay
When I first put my mat down, I feel like a tree frog. My feet really stick to the mat. But as I get into practice, and as my hands and feet get sweaty, I start sliding. This is not okay. This might be a good beginner mat, or a mat for a non-vigorous/non sweaty practice, but if you sweat, it's not the right mat.
Product Rating
Review by Yogini / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
Great yoga mat, very well made
I have had this mat for 10 years. I recently bought another one because I wanted a new color. Some days (when I need more cushion) I even put them together. I think this is a great buy!
Product Rating
Review by Amyesta / (Posted on 4/11/2017)