Ultimate Cushion Yoga Mat



The ultimate thick, grippy, and soft yoga & meditation mat. You’ll love its luxury cushioning for bones and joints!

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  • Dimensions: 74" x 28" x 3/8"
  • Weight: 4.5 lb
  • Material: Complex NBR Foam
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Cell Structure: Open-Cell

The Ultimate Cushion Mat is the ultimate thick, grippy & soft yoga and meditation mat. It provides tons of extra thickness for cushioning bones and joints in most yoga styles and practices.

The Ultimate Cushion Mat features a new, grippy, nonslip surface with 5x the cushioning power—making it especially great for sitting, kneeling, and lying poses. You will absolutely love it for restorative and yin yoga practices!


Long-lasting, contains no heavy metals or phthalates.

  • Outstanding 3/8″ cushioning supports bones and joints
  • Grippy and durable
  • Extra long and wide at 74″ x 28″
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Latex-free

For maximum traction, wash before first use. Clean with mat wash or a 1:20 solution of mild dish soap and water. Hang to dry.

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Customer Reviews

Posted on 2/21/2023

Best Mat EVER!!!

Jo S.
This mat hits all the right boxes: It's cushiony, thick (but not too thick), grippy, and the ideal size. Although I'm petite and short (5 feet), smaller mats make me feel cramped in. Now I can stretch out completely without my feet hanging off the edge. I previously was using an uber-thick mat (one-inch thick!) because I needed extra cushioning on my hard floor, but this much thinner mat works just as well, it's longer and wider, and it's more grippy. Although it's pricey, I expect this mat to last for years and years. It's well worth the cost!
Posted on 8/01/2022

Stable Base with Plenty of Cushion

John C. Neubauer
I have practiced tai chi yoga for nearly 50 years. I have never used a mat. Since we are replacing all carpet in our home with wood floors, I decided to try the Ultimate Cushion Yoga Mat. I love it. It provides a stable base with plenty of cushion. It takes a little bit of adjustment to do one-legged balances due to its give - but that is just a part of expanding my skills. For movements like the headstand, crow, split leg poses, it not only provides great cushion - but more stability than carpet or wood alone. I intend to use it for another 50 years!!!
Posted on 7/26/2022


I just bought this mat because I have been a fan of HM for years and I was excited to try their new product. This mat exceeded all expectations! It has excellent cushion that does not compromise my balance in standing poses but also provides a great grip in downward dog and standing asymetrical poses. Long story short - this mat is awesome. Thank you HM!

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