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Yoga Rug

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Yoga Rug

These absorbent, colorful rugs are great to use flat over your mat or folded like a blanket.

  • Red Rock Red Rock New
  • Moab Moab
  • Sonoma Desert Sonoma Desert
  • Caribbean Blue Caribbean Blue
  • Northern Lights Northern Lights
  • Stormy Sky Stormy Sky

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Cotton Yoga Rugs are the preferred mat surface for Ashtanga Yoga, but yogis of any style can use these colorful rugs for asana or meditation. Use over a mat or on its own. Made from 100% cotton, these colorful rugs are also great for hot yoga.

  • Absorbent surface, great for sweaty hands and feet
  • Fold it to use as a meditation pad
  • Cotton fabric is durable and long lasting
  • Thick and sturdy, resists bunching
  • Use over a mat or on its own

Eco Properties: Made from natural cotton


Size: 28" x 74"

Thickness: 1/8"

Weight: 2.8lbs

Made in India

Material: Cotton

Latex free


Care Instructions: Hand wash and hang dry.


Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

Great Addition
This mat works well on carpets. My rubber mat kept scrunching up throughout the practice. Colors are nice too.
Product Rating
Review by Ann / (Posted on 12/1/2018)
Adds a New Dimension to Practice--Beautiful and Well Made!
I love these rugs and I have several of them. They add extra traction for Hot and Vinyasa style yoga. If you're looking for a little extra cushion, they can be used in conjunction with any style yoga mat (and at 74", they totally cover most). They rugs themselves are beautiful, durable, and thick--they feel good to the feet. No matter if you do yoga on a thick mat or thin, rubber, or poly, or just on the bare floor--each type of surface is going to give you a different type of "feedback" in your practice. These can be used alone of course, but having them also allows you to pair them with differing mats which creates a unique feedback for each paring. I find that very valuable. Finally, these rugs are washable. I wash them with an agitator free washer with 1/2 the amount of detergent I would use on a similar size item. When you wash them the first time, IF colors bleed (only once for me), just scrub the effected area with detergent and wash them again. I always hang dry. Hugger Mugger has excellent products across the board! I've never gotten a sub-par product from them and they have excellent customer service!
Product Rating
Review by AmericanYogi / (Posted on 11/24/2018)
The mat is less slippery when made slightly damp before use. Great for practice. I have told multiple people where to get it.
Product Rating
Review by Shelby / (Posted on 10/27/2018)
Great Product
Customer Service is the BEST!
Product Rating
Review by Daveji / (Posted on 8/28/2018)
Best match ever
This is a beautiful rug that encourages proper practice/aligñment and grace in it's aging. Easy to wash and kind to the skin. Weighs no more that a sticky mat without the expense of unproven material. I started practicing before the advent of sticky mats. I've owned many, watched them disintegrate and tended the skin infections. So happy to be on a traditional cotton mat. Looking forward to seeing how it wears over time.
Product Rating
Review by DK / (Posted on 12/26/2017)
I love my Hugger Mugger
I practice Bikram Yoga. Sweat a lot, have to wash it each time I use it. Says I should hand wash, but I wash it on delicate cycle. Hang dry, then fluff it up in the dryer.
Product Rating
Review by T / (Posted on 9/2/2017)
Awesome for Hatha too
I love practicing on my cotton mat when I'm doing a slower practice with loads of props. Something about its beautiful colors and texture makes me want to hold poses longer, especially luxurious seated poses. I don't sweat enough to use it for fast vinyasa, but I've moved through slower vinyasa on this mat. Because it's not grippy unless you're sweaty, I find myself being more mindful about the way I transition between poses.
Product Rating
Review by Jodi / (Posted on 1/28/2015)
These are great yoga rugs.

Many Ashtanga Yoga Rugs don't have the texture necessary for good grip, however, this one does. At the same time, the weight of this rug is substantial compared to some others -- I believe this is a reasonable trade off because the rug has traction and doesn't wrinkle up during practice.

I bought one about a year ago and am now getting two more so that I always have a fresh rug ready. I machine wash in cold and hang dry, and I expect many good years of use out of the one that I already have.
If you are new to using an Astanga rug, I think that they work best if you spritz a little water on the rug before practice. I use the rug over a travel sticky mat et voila, perfection!

Hopefully this is helpful in making a decision on which cotton yoga rug to buy.
Product Rating
Review by HH / (Posted on 10/12/2012)
great mat for good price (can be washed in machine!)
I've had this mat for 2 years and I do hot yoga plus Astanga - I use this with a regular cheap sticky mat under. I did not buy the expensive hot yoga towels used by many yogis - this keeps its shape in class and as it gets wet it gets better (not said for other mats!) amazing that this is only 40+ dollars not 80 or 90 like so many hot mats. Also the previous review was wrong - I was mine all the time in cold water in the washing machine and it is fine - but a little faded but I like that.
Product Rating
Review by yesyoga / (Posted on 7/2/2012)
maintenance makes this impractical for hot yoga
The product description says "washable". The tag on the rug says "Hand wash in cold water, Dry cleaning recommended to preserve color fastness". This is not very practical for an item which is marketed as a hot yoga mat.
Product Rating
Review by Judy / (Posted on 2/7/2012)