Cotton Yoga Rug

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This colorful, absorbent cotton yoga rug is traditionally for Ashtanga yoga, but is also a favorite for hot yoga, power yoga, and sweaty hands & feet! Use it flat over your mat, or try it folded as a meditation pad or prop.

  • Dimensions: 74" x 28" x 1/8"
  • Weight: 2.8 lb
  • Material: Cotton
  • Made in India

Cotton Yoga Rugs are the preferred mat surface for Ashtanga Yoga, but yogis of any style can use these colorful rugs for asana or meditation. Made from 100% cotton, these colorful rugs are great for hot yoga. Use over a mat or on its own.


Made from natural cotton, biodegradable.

  • Absorbent surface, great for sweaty hands and feet
  • Fold to use for Shoulderstand or as a meditation pad
  • Cotton fabric is durable and long lasting
  • Thick and sturdy, resists bunching
  • Use over a yoga mat or on its own
  • Latex-free
Care Instructions

Hand wash and hang to dry.

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Customer Reviews

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Posted on 10/10/2020
Great Looking and Great Feeling!
I received my rug very quickly and I love it! It looks so nice that I can just leave it out in my home office all the time, which was the goal. I did find it was hard to get a grip on on my vinyl flooring-I saw mixed reviews about this, so I was optimistic but not incredibly disappointed when it didn't perform exactly as I would have liked on a bare floor. Instead of purchasing a yoga mat to go underneath, I purchased a high quality cushioned non-slip rug pad cut to the proper specifications and it works like an absolute dream, a winning combo for sure! My cats also love lounging on it, so it's human and feline approved! I would definitely purchase again, am considering getting one exclusively to take outside so I don't have to move and wash the one I already have. If you're looking for something both aesthetically appealing and nice to use, don't hesitate!
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Posted on 9/24/2020
Really Enjoying
Really enjoying using this mat so far. I've had it for a month. Still working on downward dog without slipping but thats a posture and not a mat thing. I love the colors. I have been washing it on low in the washing machine and hang drying. Some pulling of threads that way but colors are strong.
0 Reviews
Posted on 9/14/2020
Looks Great In The Home And During Practice
This mat takes a lil bit of getting used to if you have previously only practiced on cushioned mats. My hands will start to slide forward sometimes in Downward Dog, but it is helpful because it reminds me to put my weight into the right parts of my hands! If you usually need cushion for your knees, or in tripod you may want to put a mat or something underneath your rug. I love how these rugs are environmentally friendly as opposed to other mats on the market.
0 Reviews
Posted on 7/28/2020
Solid and Beautiful!
So pleased with this purchase! I use it over my synthetic mat and love the extra knee cushion, yet it is a solid base, no slipping, AND is a natural fiber my body is making contact with.

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