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  • Cheap Yoga Deals: How Does the Yoga Community Benefit from Them?


    Cheap Yoga Deals:  How Does the Yoga Community Benefit from Them?
    Everybody loves a deal—everybody. That includes me. I can easily be sucked into buying something I don’t need just because it’s deeply discounted. Who knows? I might actually need that discounted thing someday. Might as well get it now while it’s such a great price!

    About four years ago, the internet exploded with deals. Sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, as well as Google and Amazon began offering deep discounts for all sorts of goods—from clothing to haircare products—and services—from restaurants, hotels and spas to various...

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  • What are the Real Benefits of Yoga?

    Benefits of Yoga: Strength, Flexibility and Smile

    Over the years, countless people have asked me what benefits my students feel when they practice asana. A quick Google search on the benefits of yoga (i.e., asana) yields an astounding 45,400,000 listings. While I confess that I did not get much past the first page of the list, the sampling I read largely listed physical and physiological benefits—flexibility, increased muscle tone, weight loss, stress relief, and of course, the much-touted “yoga butt.”

    It is quite true that these benefits—and many more—can be experienced through asana practice. However pleasant these benefits...

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  • Marketing Yoga Classes with Soul: It’s Just Money, Honey

    Marketing Yoga Classes with Soul: It’s Just Money, Hon
    We all have parking lots filled with baggage when it comes to money. Some of us feel we deserve to struggle, especially if we’re doing what we love. Others feel entitled to have the dough roll in quickly and easily. Collectively, there’s enormous vats full of shame, entitlement, confusion, fear, anger, arrogance, low self-esteem and other varieties of imbalance when it comes to our relationship to money and our beliefs about earning a living.

    As someone who’s been offering freelance writing classes, readings, talks and, years before, editing and writing services, I’ve had...

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  • Support Your Local Yoga Teacher

    Support Your Local Yoga Teacher
    I feel fortunate—really fortunate. Decades ago, I got to study with yoga luminaries such as Donna Farhi, Judith Hanson Lasater, Elise Miller, Angela Farmer, Aadil Palkhivala, the late Mary Dunn and many others at a time when 20 students was the average size for a workshop. From these teachers I’ve learned more than I can possibly quantify or express. For years, when traveling teachers came to my town—or within 300 miles of my town—I’d do everything possible to be there, soaking in every shred of new information. Much of the time it was way more than...

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  • Group Yoga: Why Yoga Classes Inspire Us

    Group Yoga: Why Yoga Classes Inspire Us
    Yoga is an individual practice that takes place on a mat, a rug, outside, inside or various other places. When we breathe and do asanas we are given a chance to be an inner witness to our own challenges, successes and boundaries. These truths are part of what makes the practice perfect for anyone: You come to the mat where you are, with what you have and as you are.

    Yet, there are more and more opportunities to practice in a group setting at yoga studios and gyms, in schools, prisons and our place of...

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  • What Does it Really Mean to Go Deeper in Yoga?


    What Does it Really Mean to Go Deeper in Yoga?
    I was a sprinter and a long jumper in high school. In track practices and meets, the goal was always to sprint faster and jump farther. When you made progress, the evidence was absolute, even if you’d only beaten your last personal best by a tenth of a second or a half inch.

    After high school, the sports I engaged in—bike commuting and hiking—were not so easily quantified. Still, I often compared my “performance” to the last one: How long did it take me...

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  • Children’s Justice Center - A Safe Haven for Kids and their Parents

    Children’s Justice Center
    I’ve driven by the house at least 100 times, perched as it is at the corner of the turnoff to City Creek Canyon, one of my favorite respites in Salt Lake City. It looks just like many of the houses in the Avenues neighborhood—modest and welcoming. You’d never know it houses a non-profit that communicates with the District Attorney’s office, Salt Lake’s 14 police departments, Child Protective Services, the Guardian Ad Litem’s office, Utah’s Attorney General and Primary Children’s Medical Center every day.

    And that’s the point. The building houses the Children’s Justice Center (CJC), the first place a...

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  • Marketing Yoga Classes with Soul: Part 2

    Marketing Yoga Classes with Soul
    How we market ourselves has grown exponentially in recent years. Between social media, print ads and printed material, word-of-mouth, collaboration with others, and promotions on radio, television or the web, the possibilities could drive a person into Corpse Pose for many hours. In this post, I want to share with you some of the directions you could take your marketing, all with the caveat that you need to find what best aligns with your values and your joy. Yes, it all comes back to what yoga comes back to: yoking and alignment—connect with who you are...

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  • Parvrtta Sukhasana: Ease with a Twist

    Parvrtta Sukhasana: Ease with a Twist
    I recently had the good fortune to sit a 10-day silent Insight Meditation retreat. A friend once compared these sitting marathons to extreme sports, calling them “extreme sitting.” It’s kind of true. All in all, at this particular retreat, we sat for almost eight hours every day, alternating with five hours of walking meditation, in 45-minute increments.

    In 1988, when I first started going to silent retreats, I was surprised by how rigorous it was for my body to sit that long. There were burning, stabbing, pulsating, vibrating, piercing sensations pretty much everywhere in my body...

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  • Yoga Injuries: Whose Fault Are They?


    Yoga Injuries: Whose Fault Are They?
    This morning, YogaDork posted an article about a man who successfully sued a Bikram studio for a severe back injury. The 58-year-old veteran claims that teachers encouraged him to push past the pain of an old injury to the point where he broke his back. The student claims that teachers told him that doing more yoga could fix his physical issues and that his inflexibility was due to mental issues resulting from his financial instability. Sound familiar?

    I get it that mental/emotional...

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