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Journey Pages, The Hugger Mugger Yoga Blog

category "Lifestyle"

Yoga off the mat. This is the place to find articles about yoga for everyday life.

Cat Meditation: Samtosha in Action

posted by Tabitha on December 6, 2011 |

cat meditationJihad Kitty Demonstrates Cat Meditation From Tabitha:  “Here is a pic of my kitty Jihad on a Hugger Mugger zafu. She likes to perch in seemingly uncomfortable places while experiencing Samtosha. I wish I had a picture of her with a lamp. She likes to sleep right next to light bulbs and then purrs. So not good for her, but she freaking loves it.” Editor’s Note:  Humans are not the

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Dog Poses from an Expert

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 1, 2011 |

yoga dogsHumans are not the only ones who can enjoy Yoga. Our animal companions are in fact the inspiration for many traditional asanas. Think Dog, Cobra, Tortoise, Eagle, Cow, Cat, Pigeon, Rabbit, Crow, etc. Last month we posted a photo of Pushkin the orange tabby demonstrating a Savasana sandwich. At that time we sent out a call for photos of your animal companions practicing Yoga. Mary Wilburn sent us some photos

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Do Your Animal Companions Practice Yoga?

posted by Charlotte Bell on September 29, 2011 |

Send Us Your Photos! I often say my cats are my greatest Yoga teachers. That first looooonnnggg stretch they do when they get up from a nap looks like it feels oh so good. They don’t worry about form. They just move naturally, with precision and grace, kind of … well … catlike. My cats are great fans of Yoga props. A bolster on the floor is an invitation to

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Honoring Autumn

posted by Nichole on September 21, 2011 |

As summer slowly comes to a close, I am inspired to honor autumn. Although the official first day of fall is September 23, 2011, I find that I begin to acknowledge this seasonal change with the beginning of a new academic school year. Many of us are eager for this transition, while others may be more resistant. I internally associate autumn with gratitude, change and relaxation. I allow myself to

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Food, Water, Shelter, Yoga

posted by Charlotte Bell on August 23, 2011 |

Today, Rosanne Harvey of the wonderful blog, It’s All Yoga, Baby, posted this news story from Denver. It seems that Yoga teachers and studios in the Denver area actually see an increase in attendance at their studios when the economy is unstable. While many Yoga studios charge upwards of $100 for a monthly pass, students find the stress relief worth paying for. Here’s the news story. I tend to fall

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For Mother’s Day: Reflections on Change

posted by Charlotte Bell on May 10, 2010 |

by Charlotte Bell I wrote this story in 2004, following a visit to my mother. This year was my second Mother’s Day since her passing in March of 2009. May we all celebrate all our mothers have given us. A half-gallon of curdled milk, a partially eaten veggie wrap, a petrified orange, a plastic bag filled with dark green cucumber slime. These are the relics of a previous life I

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Evolving Practice

posted by Charlotte Bell on March 31, 2010 |

Having practiced yoga for more than half my 54 years, I’ve watched a gradual evolution in the focus and spirit of my practice. When I began in my 20s, even though I knew that yoga was not supposed to be about competition, my practice was nonetheless about achieving “advanced” poses. Over the years I’ve watched my passion shift to the more subtle pleasures of practice, in particular pranayama and meditation

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Spring Yoga

posted by admin on March 22, 2010 |

Spring is a time of rejuvenation. Take a walk around your block. You’ll likely see spring bulbs pushing up through the ground and tightly wound buds forming on the ends of tree branches. Maybe crocuses are in full swing, or perhaps where you live, they’ve already come and gone. We use the expression, “spring is in the air.” It’s palpable! Spring yoga practice is different from a winter yoga practice.

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your favorite pose

posted by Charlotte Bell on March 30, 2009 |

At different times in 27 years of practice, I’ve had affinities for different poses or types of poses. Early on, backbends were my passion. I still love them, but since then I’ve delved into standing poses (originally NOT my favorite poses), spinal rotations, and long inversions, among others. One pose has been a constant favorite for me from the beginning:  shoulderstand. When I roll up into shoulderstand, my body immediately

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Practicing contentment in lean times

posted by Charlotte Bell on March 13, 2009 |

Most of us are feeling the pinch these days. As a full-time yoga teacher for the past 23 years, I’ve approached my classes as a service rather than a business. Consequently, I have almost no wiggle room to absorb the tough economic times. Still, I’ve been able to survive–so far–by cutting back on some of the frivolous spending I’d become accustomed to. Because “recreational” spending is not an option at

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