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category "Tips for Teachers"

Teaching yoga is a complicated, inspiring calling that brings to bear all our talents, knowledge and empathy. Read about the honor of teaching from some of the most experienced teachers around

Digestive Demons on the Loose: When You Suddenly Get Sick in the Middle of Teaching Yoga

posted by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg on April 8, 2014 |

suptabaddhakonasanaWhen Digestive Demons Spring to Life in Your Yoga Class I had just led the class in the opening Sun Salutations when it hit: a fast-moving stomach flu that made me almost sink to my knees. Luckily, I could, telling the students we were going to do some seated poses. I kept my eyes steady as the waves roared diagonally through my torso. While I didn’t need to rush to

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What’s Normal Range of Motion?

posted by Charlotte Bell on April 3, 2014 |

ROM of Major JointsAnd how does understanding range of motion help us in our Yoga practice? Have you ever wanted to get into an intermediate or advanced class and been told that you had to be able to do Lotus Pose, or do Upward Bow with straight arms? I’ve never been a fan of this type of classification, partly because it takes into consideration only one small part of a person’s Yoga experience.

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An Open Letter to New Yoga Teachers

posted by Charlotte Bell on March 24, 2014 |

new yoga teachersAn Open Letter to New Yoga Teachers Yesterday was the last day of a yoga teacher training that began in September. Inspired by the group’s great courage and heart, I’ve written them an open letter that I hope will be of help to them and to anyone starting out on the path of teaching: Dear Friends, Let me begin by saying that being in your presence all these months has

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Are You a Yoga Visionary? Think Again

posted by Charlotte Bell on March 3, 2014 |

visionaryWhat is a Yoga Visionary Anyway? This morning Maya Devi Georg, a blogger on Brahmaloka or Bust and Yoganonymous, posed an interesting question on Facebook: “Why do some teachers never acknowledge their own teachers? They’ll refer to themselves as ‘visionaries,’ ‘philosophers’ and ‘enlightened.’ But no mention of training, education, or the teachers that helped the along the way. What is that about?” A spirited discussion has ensued. Some commenters wondered

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Yoga Heals — Most of the Time

posted by Charlotte Bell on February 10, 2014 |

yoga healsYoga Heals — Most of the Time A yoga teaching colleague recently related a story about a student at her studio who suffers from a rare neurological condition that causes tremors. Yoga, with its ability to smooth out your nervous system ought to be the perfect solution, right? In this case, not so much. The student’s condition had actually been worsening, causing suffering for herself, and distracting her fellow students.

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Should You Teach Yoga When You’re Sick?

posted by Charlotte Bell on January 20, 2014 |

teach yogaCreating Safe Space:  Should You Teach Yoga When You’re Sick? Last winter dealt me a double whammy. After three years free from all manner of maladies, the sore throat/sinus/fever malaise caught me in early December. Then in the wee hours one January morning, the nasty norovirus took hold. The most violent symptoms abated after about 24 hours, but I felt the effects for four or five days. I hear that

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Tips for Yoga Teachers: Honoring Our Teachers

posted by Charlotte Bell on January 2, 2014 |

iyengarTips for Yoga Teachers:  Honoring Our Teachers Teaching Yoga is an honor. It is an opportunity to share what is most sacred in us, and an opportunity to guide others in the process of transformation. This is not a small thing. It is not only an honor; it is an enormous responsibility. For who among us can point the way to transformation if we ourselves have not tread that path?

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The Advanced Yogi: Not What You Think

posted by Charlotte Bell on December 4, 2013 |

advanced yogiWhat is an Advanced Yogi? Recently I led some yoga students through a rather lengthy series of leg-stretching asanas based on Supta Padanghustasana (Supine Big Toe Pose). I traditionally end the series with a one-legged version of Yoganidrasana (ankles behind the head). Of course, most people in my classes feel pretty flexible if their foot ends up within a few inches of their faces—and honestly, that’s really quite flexible compared

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Silent Time: Encouraging Individual Exploration

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 19, 2013 |

silent time at city creekThe Gift of Silent Time in Yoga Occasionally I’m invited to team teach a class that will benefit a local charity. I always accept these invitations, as I feel that this is a great way to use my skills to benefit my community. I also enjoy the opportunity to observe different teaching styles of the other teachers who donate their time. I admit to being an old-school teacher. I grew

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Healthy Asana Practice: Don’t Stretch Your Joints!

posted by Charlotte Bell on November 4, 2013 |

healthy yoga practiceHealthy Asana Practice:  Don’t Stretch Your Joints! Last spring I was honored to be invited to co-teach a training at Avenues Yoga Studio in Salt Lake City. The 20-some students were earnest, curious and right on board with our slower-than-usual approach to asana practice, and our emphasis on meditation and philosophy. I am inspired to know that this group of teachers is bringing their wisdom into the world of yoga.

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