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Ashtanga Yoga

  • Sun Salutations: Spice Up Your Vinyasa

      Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) have become the basis for most mainstream yoga asana practices. Ashtanga Yoga was the first to make Sun Salutations the framework for a flowing practice. Since then, other flow-style practices have become quite popular. Think Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. Ashtanga practitioners cite the meditative aspects of flowing through familiar postures. Once you know the flow, they say, you can let the body take over and set the mind aside. But familiarity can also sometimes breed boredom or distraction. When you’re flowing through a habitual series, it can be easy for the mind to become...

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  • Yoga Practice Rugs — Not Just for Ashtangis

    Ashtanga Yoga, developed by the late Patabhi Jois, is the foundation for many current popular yoga styles. Vinyasa styles such as Power Yoga and Flow Yoga were inspired by Ashtanga’s continuously flowing sun salutation variations. While most practitioners use nonskid yoga mats for stability, in Ashtanga practice, Yoga Practice Rugs are the standard. Here’s Why Ashtangis Love Yoga Practice Rugs In Ashtanga, it is traditional to jump from one pose to the next in some parts of the sequences. Practicing jump-throughs on a nonskid mat can be hazardous if your foot—or feet—stick to your mat mid-jump. Ashtanga Yoga is a...

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  • Starting a Yoga Practice

    A new year is upon us. A healthy percentage of us use this annual marker to reset our lives—resolving to give up what doesn’t work and start something new. If that something new you’d like to start is a yoga practice, here are some tips that might help: Finding the Right Yoga Class Ask friends. The bigger, better-funded studios have much more advertising power than the more modest studios and teachers, so they are easier to find. They may also have great teachers, but huge classes are not for everyone. Ask friends, relatives and co-workers where they like to practice...

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