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Bay Leaves

  • Meatless Monday: Boston Black Bean Soup

    A few weeks ago, a friend of mine got braces for her second time. Having had braces twice myself, I’m well aware of the pain of the first few weeks. When I had my second set of braces at age 40, it took three weeks for me to be able to chew mashed potatoes and refried beans. So I called me friend to see if she’d like a few servings of a protein-rich puréed soup. She was delighted, and mentioned that she hadn’t made black beans in a while and would love some black bean soup. I’ve made black bean...

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  • Meatless Monday: Goji-Saffron Soup with Sorghum

    When I was looking through my cookbooks and magazines for Thanksgiving ideas, I stumbled upon several recipes that looked so unusual that I marked them for trying later on. Goji-Saffron Soup with Sorghum is one of the recipes that made the list. I found this soup in Vegetarian Times, but the original recipe comes from a book titled Superfood Soups by Julie Morris. I would never have thought to put goji berries in soup. Smoothies, yes; soup, not so much. But the combination worked. This soup is an elegant, brothy starter, or with a green salad or roasted vegetables, can...

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  • Meatless Monday: Vegan Jambalaya

    You’ve heard the song. You know, the joyful Hank Williams Sr. rave-up that dozens of artists have recorded. But what exactly is jambalaya? The word “jambalaya” comes from the Provençal word jambalaia, meaning a “mish mash” or “mixup.” In culinary terms, I’d say this is pretty accurate. While there are necessary ingredients—celery, onions, peppers and rice—jambalaya is a meal-in-a-pot with grain, veggies, and traditionally, meat. Of course, this blog focuses on meatless Monday meals. So I went about looking for a good vegan jambalaya recipe to share. I found lots of different takes on the traditional dish. This tells me...

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  • Meatless Monday: Carrot-Cashew Soup

    Meatless Monday: Carrot-Cashew Soup In past Meatless Monday blogs, I’ve extolled the virtues of the wonderful home-cooked food at the place where I’ve practiced silent vipassana meditation for the past 30 years. Today I’ll share my all-time favorite: Carrot-Cashew Soup. Abhilasha Keays, teacher and cook at The Last Resort in Duck Creek, Utah, makes sharing meals at the retreat center feel like a privilege, preparing each meal with fresh, organic ingredients and infusing the food with her love of cooking. The Last Resort is the first place where I ate soup for breakfast. While it’s a bit out of the...

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  • Meatless Monday: Vegetarian Cassoulet

    Try this Hearty Vegetarian Cassoulet for Meatless Monday Since I stopped eating meat in 1978, vegetarian cuisine has continuously become more creative and exciting. Turning traditional meat-laden recipes into meat-free meals is part of the fun of vegetarian cooking. As a person who was never a fan of meat, I find vegetarian versions of traditional meaty recipes to feel fresh and complex compared to their heavier counterparts. Without the more assertive flavor of meat, all the other ingredients get a chance to shine. Because I was never enamored of meat, I don’t feel a need to use products that mimic...

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  • Meatless Monday: Vegan Corn Chowder

    Meatless Monday: Vegan Corn Chowder with Fresh Corn Off the Cob I may not be a fan of summer’s extreme heat, but I am am definitely a fan of the profusion of fresh produce available at Salt Lake City’s Downtown Farmers Market every Saturday. Last Saturday I came home with new potatoes, wild greens, okra, green and purple beans, and corn on the cob—all organic. It’s not always easy to find fresh, organic corn, so I take advantage of the opportunity when it arises. If a recipe calls for fresh corn cut off the cob, I never substitute frozen corn...

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  • Meatless Monday Recipe: Carrot Soup with Onion Relish

    Meatless Monday Recipe Meatless Monday has become de rigueur in many restaurants around the country. In honor of this new tradition, we’re going to feature a favorite meatless recipe each Monday. This week’s Meatless Monday recipe is a tasty carrot soup that’s good on its own, but great with a zesty onion relish. This recipe is vegan (when you use olive oil instead of butter) and gluten free. Carrot Soup with Onion Relish from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison 2 Tbs butter, olive oil, or a mixture 1 onion, thinly sliced 1 pound carrots, thinly sliced 1 bay...

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