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  • Step Out of Your Own Way

    Step Out of Your Own Way

    So easy to forget how to walk through your thoughts, to let the weather in your head erase the weather threading itself, right now, through the trap lines of the wind, the tunnels of quiet between the rushing grasslands. So simple to stop seeing what time wants to show you.

    On the edge of the train’s calling, a whistle half lost in the merciful sweetness of the wind, you can hear the stories of sky as large as your …continue reading

  • The Yoga of Empowerment

    The Yoga of Empowerment

    I came to yoga right around the time I came to social justice work. For me, the two will always be inextricable—and that’s not because I was doing yoga while making calls on a phone bank.

    It’s because at the root of both, I see a desire to be fully embodied—accepted and free.

    What Yoga Has to Do With It

    When I first became an activist, my yoga always came second. I thought I had far more “important” things to …continue reading

  • Wasatch Community Gardens: Building Community from the Ground Up

    Wasatch Community Gardens:  Building Community from the Ground Up

    After a pretty white winter, spring is finally edging its way into the Salt Lake valley. Gentle rains replace the several feet of snow that blanketed our valley from December through much of March. Sunny jonquils dot the landscape and tulips are about to burst forth.

    For me, it’s past time to plant lettuce, kale, chard, carrots, beets and spinach. I dug up my beds last weeken…continue reading

  • Why Supta Baddha Konasana is My Favorite Pose

    Why Supta Baddha Konasana is My Favorite Pose

    We all have our favorite yoga poses, and Supta Baddha Konasana is mine. For one thing, it’s done lying done with plenty of supports: a bolster to lie back on, a folded blanket into a pillow for the head, and what I call wing walls, composed of folded blankets, for the knees. But it’s more than the props and the reclining involved that make me want to raise both fists to the sky in exaltati…continue reading

  • Yoga, a Respite for Children with Emotional Disturbance

    Yoga for Children with Emotional Disturbance

    The greatest reward of teaching yoga for the past 26 years has been getting to know my students. Maybe this is true of everyone’s yoga classes, but I am continually in awe of the wisdom, kindness, generosity and the diversity of gifts my students bring to this world. I am grateful beyond measure that this sangha of wise and spirited people has chosen to meet and share their gifts in my classes…continue reading

  • Let Go: Have Faith in Your Path

    Choose Faith

    There are super frustrating times on The Path. Instead of fighting against frustrating times with more frustration, anger and resentment, take a higher road today.

    Remember, a delay is not a denial. The world’s timing is always perfect and if something isn’t quite manifesting yet, there is a reason. So today, instead of choosing to be angry, hurt or just plain ol’ pissed off, take a big deep breath and know that everything is …continue reading

  • Yoga Teacher Training: How Teaching Begets Learning

    Yoga Teacher Training:  How Teaching Begets Learning

    Every once in a while, I reflect on what it means to have practiced yoga for 31 years. It’s honestly hard to fathom. Time is a pretty elastic concept for me, but if I reflect on how old I was when I started—26!—I can’t help but marvel at the lifelong friend yoga has been for all these years. And still, when I contemplate the vastness and depth of all that is yoga, I feel as if I’…continue reading

  • Yoga Poetry for Spring

    Yoga Poetry for Spring


    You come through the gate, and your life on earth begins: green wavering into the hue of early spring, the growing heat pouring leaf into form just as you did, are doing, will do with lack, rain, rivers, kisses, wind, and horizons that come each turning. You stand up in your dream, lean on the fence, look wide toward the lights spilled across the black expanse that carries the world. The next destination pours toward …continue reading

  • Utkatasana: Awaken Your Inner Fire

    Utkatasana:  Not a Chair Pose

    Have you ever seen the famous paintings of ancient Indian yogis sitting in chairs meditating? Me neither. Over the millennia, the vast majority of sadhus who committed themselves to the yogic life owned little more than the minimal clothing they were wearing, along with a bowl and utensils for collecting their daily alms of rice. Most of them likely never saw a chair, let alone sat on one.

    So, like last mont…continue reading

  • Silencing Your Inner Critic: The Multi-Layered Beauty of Movement

    How Yoga Can Help You Silence Your Inner Critic

    I recently had a new student come to my class. As we were chatting before class, she told me that she hadn’t done yoga in several years. She explained that the reason was that the last time she went to a class, she wasn’t able to keep up, and the teacher didn’t offer to help her. She left feeling humiliated and ashamed—and she never went back.

    After class, I went over to check in. She ha…continue reading

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