Winter Yoga: 6 Ways to Prepare for Cold Weather

This entry was posted on Nov 18, 2015 by Jacqueline Morasco.
winter yogaWinter Yoga: 6 Ways to Prepare for the Change of Seasons

As fall turns to winter, it’s time to focus on nourishing our bodies and minds. Fall is the time when we prepare for winter hibernation, and for the cool, crisp and dry weather. We can tomatoes, put away hoses, repair the roof, tone muscles, and cleanse our bodies inside and out.

Below are five easy practices to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for winter.

1. Eat local root vegetables, warm soups, warm drinks and warm meals. Some of my favorite cool weather recipes are here.

2. Self-massage with warm sesame oil, in the morning and in the evening. A little oil applied to the scalp and feet helps to deeper sleep.

3. Spice your foods. Add some cloves, cinnamon, ginger and garlic to your food to encourage your internal fire.

4. When you make your morning tea water, carefully allow steam to enter the nostrils. Use an herbal nasya oil or warm sesame oil for lubricating the nostrils. In the winter months, I use nasya oil numerous times a day.

5. Take a brisk outdoor walk. Move your body. Spend quiet time in nature.

6. Practice Restorative Yoga. The slow, quiet, supported practices of Restorative Yoga help your body and mind integrate the shifting weather, shorter days and the quicker pace of the coming holidays.

There are many things we can do to help our bodies transition. The smoother the body transitions, the smoother the transition will be for the mind. Think calm. A happy body makes space for a calm, focused mind.

I’d love to hear about anything else that you do in preparation for winter.

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